3 Ways Online Beats Can Enhance Your Music

Being a musician helps you in many ways. For example, expressing yourself to the world without anyone judging you becomes possible. You can tour the world as well as you perform in concerts and other events. More importantly, singing or rapping is a viable source of income. However, challenges exist in the music industry including a drop in the sale of CDs coupled with a rise in online piracy.

These challenges are causing ripples in this industry because leading to an unprecedented shift in the business model pursued by music companies. Coping with these changes to the music industry is difficult for many musicians. Their goals in life are to make music, meet their fans, and earn some money from their work. However, the current business environment is stifling their effort. Here are 3 ways online beats can enhance your music.

1. Go for an Album Instead Of a Mixtape
A mixtape refers to songs arranged in a sequential manner with seamless transitions between each song. People go for mixtapes for various reasons. One of them is to avoid copyright infringement. Another one is to avoid the limitations imposed on them by record companies. Unfortunately, mixtapes are not as good as albums are if enhancing your music career is your primary goal. For example, focusing on beatmatching is critical when it comes to the production of a mixtape. In contrast, an album can have wildly varying beats. Regrettably, producing an album is a difficult process if a record company is producing beats for you. One of the limitations is that you have to release it at a specific time. Limits on what you sign or rap are also possible. In contrast, buying beats for sale means that you can produce an album instead of a mixtape. More importantly, you can produce this album without any limitations on the release date or the content therein.

2. Invest Your Time and Money Wisely
Beats are expensive. For example, the top producers in the hip-hop industry include Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, and Swizz Beatz. Others are Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Dr. Dre. These producers can charge you as much as $200,000 for a beat in addition to a percentage of your sales revenue. Enhancing your music career is impossible if you go for beats produced by these producers. Other beats can also be expensive as well. For example, a local producer may charge you $15,000 for an excellent beat. How will you market your music when you spend your money on beats alone? Buying beats online is the surest way of enhancing your music career because they are affordable. That means you can buy as many of them as possible leading to a broad range of material for your audience. Online beats have a high level of quality as well if you buy them from a reputable site.

3. Sell Your Music without Difficulties
Selling music takes time, effort, and money. For example, musicians are in the studio on most weekdays for several months as they make their album. Saving this time is possible if you buy beats online. That means you can focus on selling music instead of concentrating on making beats. Saving your effort is also possible. For example, imagine that your producer is sampling beats from various sources. Acquiring permission from the copyright owners of those sources is necessary. This acquisition takes a lot of effort as you run around looking for permission to use their work. Finally, you can save money as well by buying beats online. More specifically, the time spent in the studio and acquiring permission from copyright owners take a lot of money.

Image: Music from carlos castilla/Shutterstock