3 Tips to helping you sell on Amazon

sell on amazon

Apart from continuously growing, the Amazon platform is getting more competitive every day and sellers need to find ways in order to attract customers and sell on the platform. With rising competition, it gets tough for sellers to ensure that their products can be found by customers visiting the platform.

Amazon is known to attract worldwide consumers looking for different products in various categories. Sellers must ensure that customers are accessing their products in order to make sales. With the huge flow of traffic on the Amazon product page,  sellers can easily convert the traffic into sales and ensure the flow of customers into their product page. This can only be possible if the sellers listing is well optimized for search.  Below are tips that will help you sell on Amazon.

Optimize product details for search

A customer will not be able to buy a product if they cannot find it. Being a competitive site crowded with different products with different brands, you need to optimize your product details for customers to find them. Fill in detailed and accurate information on your product information to ensure that any searches made by a customer match to your products. Information under your product information should include product identifiers, size, color, description among other relevant details.

Detailed information ensures that your customers can get all the information they need to guarantee them that they are purchasing the right product. After giving detailed information about your products, Amazon additionally makes it possible for customers to narrow down their searches by different features. Ways that Amazon enables searches include

  1. A customer can search for a product by typing in the name of a specific product on the “All” search bar and then click on the “search” button.
  2. A customer can go to the specific category that they want such as Appliances> Small Appliances>Kitchen appliances and narrow down to even sizes and price range.

Make use of Amazon seller tools

More traffic means more sales, which in turn mean growth and expansion in your business. Amazon seller tools are softwares that have been developed to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing. Companies like Overgrowth offer sellers an opportunity to sign up for  Amazon seller tool that they can use to bring inflow of traffic and make sales. The tools offer services such as Sales Tracking, Review Auto and Rank Tracking enables you to keep track of what’s happening on your product listing page and estimate the overall sales made.

The Amazon seller tools work well with a smartphone and is effective if you are far away from the computer.

Implement competitive pricing techniques

Apart from quality, size, color and other aspects when purchasing a product, most customers look at the pricing. Amazon is one of the top marketplaces that offer affordable prices and the prices determine whether the customer will make a purchase. Determine how you will list your products at a competitive price with the other sellers selling similar products and don’t forget about Amazon Seller Fees which apply to FBA sellers.

Marketplaces like Amazon provide sellers with a platform to showcase their products and make sales. You can integrate all of your information such as product, orders, shipping/tracking information, inventory and much more on the platform avoiding manually entering data to offer better customer service and increase sales on Amazon.