3 Reasons the Vape Industry Is Growing So Quickly


There are some industries that are simply growing faster than those around them, and there are a variety of reasons for this. The vaping industry is one. In the last decade vaping has gone from an obscure habit engaged in by a select few to a mainstream activity. You can now buy directly from Flawless CBD.

The equipment for vaping has evolved from simple e-cigarettes to much more sophisticated devices, new flavors, and devices and e-liquids are more accessible than they ever were before with the rise of shops and bars dedicated to vaping. However, there is more to it than that. The Vape industry is growing because the industry itself is doing things in a very intelligent way that set it up for success and profit.

Here are three of the reasons the vape industry is growing so quickly.

Vaping is a Great Alternative to Smoking

The world has known for a number of years that smoking is bad for you, but it has continued to be an addiction for many in both Europe and the United States. However, the better vaping has gotten, the better alternative it is to cigarette smoking. It is proven to be much more effective for quitting than patches or will power.

The truth about vaping is that even when e-liquids contain nicotine, they don’t contain the toxins found in tobacco products, which makes them a healthier alternative. The other aspect of vaping is that typically as users move up to liquids that create more vapor, they choose ones with less nicotine, simply because they taste better.

Vaping Offers Unique Flavors and Experiences

Speaking of taste, this is one of the reasons the vape industry is growing so rapidly. While there are connoisseurs of cigars, pipes, and other tobacco, generally speaking that is an acquired taste. With vapes, the sky’s the limit.  You can easily find vaping bundle kits by doing a quick google search.

Many e-liquid flavors are made with organic, food grade flavorings. These are essentially added to vegetable glycerin along with nicotine, but not in all cases. Not all e-liquids even contain nicotine, and some only have flavors.

Essentially these flavor combinations are only limited by the mixer, and there are some luxury, boutique, small batch flavors that are created by local shops. Sometimes these take off and are adopted by other shops, while other times these recipes stay unique to a single manufacturer.

Vapes also offer a much different experience than smoking does. The equipment allows the user to adjust the levels of vapor, nicotine, and flavor they get with each inhale, and you can vape for as long a period as you want, short or long. You are not tied to the size of a cigarette or cigar or how full a pipe is. This offers a distinct advantage when of a “vape break” over a smoke break, but it also means the user can customize their experience so that is it enjoyable.

The Legalization of Marijuana on a State Level

Another perhaps more controversial reason for the growth of the vape industry is the legalization of recreational marijuana on a state level. One of the best ways to take in THC and the CBD contained in marijuana is through vaporizing. This method has several advantages.

The first is that some of the harmful effects of lighting anything on fire is that toxins are produced in the combustion process. This is not true with vaping: fewer toxins are produced, so fewer toxins are inhaled, making the process more healthy.

The second is that the levels of THC and CBD can be controlled in the e-liquid, meaning the user can get the amount of each that they want. There are even liquids that contain only the CBD oil extracted from the marijuana plant, an oil that is considered by many to be good for a number of ailments, and good for your overall health.

The third is that while marijuana has been legalized, there is still a certain stigma associated with it, and so public consumption can bring a certain condemnation. Vaping offers a certain privacy to the user and decreases some of those awkward interactions.

The vaping industry is new. The technology being employed is cutting edge. There are recipes for e-liquids that are both flavorful and less harmful than their smoking counterparts. As more users look to give up tobacco and avoid its harmful effects, vaping will continue to gain popularity.

The rise of legalized recreational marijuana also means the industry has another potential area for growth. From equipment to e-liquids to bars and stores dedicated to vaping, the industry is posed for an even greater explosion over the decade to come. This rapid growth shows no signs of coming to a halt anytime soon.