3 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes should be on Your Tech Radar

Even if you aren’t a smoker, it will have been impossible for you to have completely ignored the rise of the electronic cigarette. This new tech industry is booming, as traditional tobacco companies are keen to jump on a new and very different type of technology wagon. Repurposing traditional cigarettes in a new, sleek packaging, not to mention the fact that e-cigarettes remove all the unpleasant attributes of smoking, electronic cigarettes are taking over.

The tobacco industry has been plagued with a series of regulatory and marketing issues that have seen it take a turn for the worse in recent years. Unable to keep up with key consumer trends, such as increased demand for flavored tobacco, not to mention the fact that new e-cig brands keep popping up across the Internet on an almost daily basis, regular cigarettes could be on the way out. Do you have e-cigarettes on your tech radar? Read on to find out 3 reasons why this unusual product could be the next biggest gadget.

Health Benefits

The instant benefits of e-cigarettes are obvious. No offensive odours or ash means less of a health risk for your family and loved ones. E-cigs are also free from tar and some of the harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, not to mention they have a much lower level of nicotine. Then there’s the fact that e-cigarettes are free from the hefty price tag that comes with purchasing a packet of cigarettes – it’s just that first initial investment, coupled with the price of purchasing fluid. This unusual piece of technology offers a range of health and wellness benefits, positioning it over various markets.

Ease of Marketing

Consumers want ease of use and a quick fix solution to meet with the demands and time constraints posed by their busy lives. E-cigarettes are ticking numerous boxes thanks to their ease of use and availability. Strict smoking bans continue to be in place across workplaces and public areas, and vaping provides consumers with a quick-fix alternative without even having to leave their seat. As electronic cigarette technology continues to develop, have you made sure that e-cigs remain firmly on your radar?

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A Vape Shaped Future

Vaping remains a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, e-cigarettes are yet to be submitted to such in-depth studies and reviews by medical bodies as the tobacco industry has faced over the years. Medical professionals are still unable to identify any serious results of vaping, and until such a day dawns, consumers will keep on purchasing e-cigs. Visit any e-cigarette retailer either online or on your local high street and you’ll find a range of products and fluids available, each more streamlined and attractive than the last. E-cigarettes and vaping are still something of a tech phenomenon for the tobacco and smoking industry and as such should remain firmly on your radar as technology continues to develop.