3 Reasons Betting apps are popular for Lockdown

Man sitting on sofa and reading book at home, lockdown concept

The COVID-19 pandemic affected almost all areas of our lives in 2020. To curb the disease, many governments had to force their countries to undergo a lockdown. Almost all business sectors were affected by the lockdowns. However, some were completely shut down while others continued to operate, albeit in a slightly different manner. One of the sectors that continued was the gambling industry.

While land-based bookmakers were closed down, people continued to visit sites like https://www.novibet.co.uk/sports to bet. Physical casinos and other betting houses were also shut, but many online gambling sites and apps received players with open arms. Some physical bookmakers who had a presence online had to redirect their customers to their websites to bet while staying at home.

However, sports betting still experienced a huge blow. Many sporting activities were either suspended or canceled, and this greatly reduced the number of betting markets available. In fact, most online sportsbooks had to offer betting markets on things like weather and the number of coronavirus cases.

Nevertheless, betting apps, especially those of online casinos, experienced a massive increase in downloads and new sign-ups. In this article, we will analyze the three major reasons why betting apps became more popular during the lockdown.

  1. Boredom

One of the biggest challenges of having to stay home for months is overcoming boredom. People had to keep themselves busy with different online activities during the lockdown. Many took their time to seek information about new topics like Technology, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, and many more by visiting general blogs like SaveDelete. On the other hand, online casinos and betting apps became the perfect solution to boredom for many.

Online casinos and apps feature thousands of games that can keep you busy and entertained for many hours. Furthermore, these games are of different exciting themes, styles, and designs. Thus, players can always find a particular game or betting market that will suit their preferences. Even people who have never been bettors or casino players found themselves loving this new form of entertainment.

2. Urge to make extra money

While business activities were shut down, many began to look for other ways to make money. People turned to use online skills like copywriting, web design, and graphics to make money. However, many turned to betting online.

Playing casino games and betting online did not only seem like an easy way to make money but also a quick one. Online betting does not require special skills or knowledge, and all these punters have to do was sign up to a betting app and fund the account. However, since gambling games are based on luck, many did not make as much as they wanted.

3. More gamblers discovered online platforms

People who already love to gamble could not go to physical sportsbooks and casinos during the lockdown. They had to start searching for other ways to continue their gambling passion. A report from BBC states that there was a huge spike in searches for online casinos during the lockdown. This eventually increased the use of betting apps online.