3 Most Significant Email Metrics You Need to Track

3 Most Significant Email Metrics You Need to Track

Email Metrics

You have heard about different ways of reaching to your customers. The sad thing is that most of those strategies do not work for you. You do not even know if your current customers are reading or opening any message you send them even after telling them how much you care about them and how you are willing to add value to their lives.

Now, how do you make sure you know more about your emails that you send them? See, what would do if you realized that your customers are reading your emails and some are even sharing with their friends and family? The answer is; you will probably put more efforts since you can see success at the end of the tunnel.  Sure, there are aspects of email marketing that you need to keep track. This will help you a lot. If you are not aware of the emails metrics to track, meet your very first one.

Click-Through Rate

If you track the number of people who are taking time to clink any links placed in your emails, you get to know how engaging your content is. In the case where they are not clinking such links, the information you are sending them is not triggering action.

With that information; you can make your email links more alluring, create more impressive and informative emails, and most importantly send the correct number of emails. Remember you do not have to send a hundred emails per day so that you may get many leads. Heck no! You simply require a single yet enticing email that riggers action to get droves of traffic to your website.

Email opens

It is always good to see who is reading your proposal with Email tracking. How many people opened the email you send once? See, without email tracking services you may never get an answer to this simple question. This will help you learn if your content is topnotch and how the subject is enticing. You also get to know how people are interested in your brand. If you find out that no one is opening your emails, you will find better ways to create enticing email content, find the most interesting subject, and you will eventually see improvement. However, do not forget without email tracking you may not achieve that.

Forward rate

See, if you would want to attract new customers to your business, you must think about tracking the total number of people who forward your emails to their friends and family. Look: people have strong networks. If you have a great brand coupled with amazing content, you stand a good chance to have people share the content their networks, and you may end getting more subscriptions and sales too.

Final thoughts

If you not have invested in an email tracking service, you are missing big. Think about it. The metrics that you will be required to track are click-through rate, opening rate, and forward rate, among others. With that, you will be able to serve your clients better and improve your ROI.

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