3 Geek-Friendly Mobility Devices Rising To Prominence in The 2020s


Over  8,500 new electric vehicle patents are estimated to be filed in this year, according to Statista. As  traditional automobiles changed society, EVs are stepping in to transform transport as we know it. EV technology is evolving faster than ever, and that can mean only good things for its enthusiasts. 

Most relevant is the personal mobility vehicle, as they’re affordable and customizable. Check out these 3 Geek-friendly mobility devices rising to prominence in the 2020s. 

Electric Skateboard 
A new take on a classic model, the electric skateboard shifts the old design from kick-powered to motor-powered gear. Initially, these boards possessed bulky external batteries and motors underneath. Now, newer iterations have smaller motor and battery assemblies that are  directly fixed to the axles, at the cost of less battery life. 

At its core, the electric skateboard functions much like a traditional one. The only difference is that it allows you to cruise for far greater distances without having to kick against the ground every now and again. The battery can be easily removed if you prefer to use it the old-fashioned way, too. 
With the arrival of this tech also came electric skateboard conversion and modification kits. This makes them more suited to DIY geeks who prefer to modify and build their own gear.

New And Improved Hoverboards
A cost-effective solution to personal transport, hoverboards are compact and usable almost anywhere. It features tight turn radiuses, smooth cruising capabilities, and a healthy amount of battery life. To top it off, using a hoverboard also gives regular training of the rider’s reflexes. Controlling it has only a slight learning curve, but once mastered, taking a ride on a hoverboard is as easy and intuitive as walking. 

Thanks to recent advancements in chargers, batteries, and balancing capabilities, hoverboards are now acceptably safe for commercial use.  The UL 2272 Safety Standard being imposed ensures this. To be certain, make sure to buy from a trusted seller with a good track record. You can search through  hoverboard review sites with great ratings and see what brands will match your needs.

The Electric Unicycle
While it might seem a bit of a novelty, the electric unicycle boasts utility that may surprise you. Its simplistic design makes it portable. The large pair of conjoined wheels allows it to traverse obstacles such as potholes and rocky terrain. Since it is as big as a single wheel, this makes it ideal for navigating tight streets. 

The main downside is that it doesn’t have the agility of an electric skateboard or the intuitive maneuverability of a hoverboard. However, it has serviceable speeds that allow you to get somewhere in a rush, or take a hyperactive dog for a walk. 

Transportation tech at its core is taking what we already have and making something better out of it. These three re-emerging gadgets are prime examples of just that.