3 Devices to Upgrade Your PC

The powerful computer gives the owner a lot of opportunities to enjoy games and other web activities, but the modern hardware may be not enough for unlocking the device’s potential, so here we have 3 units, which can make PC usage more comfortable and lively.

Bookshelf Speakers

It isn’t hard to find the best bookshelf speakers, because many modern models contain subwoofers, allowing even the smallest speakers to sound loud, clean, and produce rich bass. Due to the compact size, such devices are more rigid than outdoor units, which mean that the unwanted coloring of the sound will be minimal. The bass drivers of small diameter better suit for vocal reproduction than large low-frequency floor speakers.

Miniature acoustics are usually designed for installation on a bookshelf or similar support near the PC/wall. It’s better to set speakers at a distance of about 78 inches from each other, so that the tweeters are at the level of the listener’s ears and are turned slightly towards him. Always use specialized speaker cables. Even inexpensive wires from well-known companies will seriously increase the sound quality and minimize resistance.


The headphones are rather useful for those people who like to listen to music at night or watch favorite series without waking up the neighbors or other family members. In-ear units have poor sound insulation, and a small-sized membrane doesn’t provide good sound quality. However, their main advantages are compactness and lightness. Earphones are very tight to the head. They produce natural sound because of the large membrane that is designed for professional work with audio. Around-ear models don’t have holes from the outside, therefore, they offer good sound insulation. They create a load on the human hearing organs, so a person needs to take breaks in use from time to time.

Open headphones are enhanced with small holes on the outside. Because of this, a person doesn’t feel complete isolation from the real world. These units are not as cumbersome as in around-ear headphones, so the mentioned type is most often used by gamers and computer owners.


Popular Full HD webcams are initially equipped with the built-in applications compatible with all the versions of Windows that do not require additional configuration. The 5-layer glass optics retains the image intelligibility, without distortion and transmission breaks (at a distance of up to 236 inches). The professional processing converts the video to digital format. Most units have impressive correction functionality: saturation, brightness, contrast, shape changing, and adding objects, etc. The data compression method will ensure the transfer without a delay. It reduces the file size by 4 times, without a loss for the JPEG format; moreover, the transition to the Full HD mode will be smooth. Such devices have automatic removal of the side flare effect.

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