25 Twitter Hashtags for Lots of Facts and Truth

Knowledge is the biggest sword to fight with ignorance and illiteracy. There are many websites and knowledge treasure available where you can update yourself with the latest news and new technologies and how the things are going around the world.

There is one more way that is to open a book related to that subject and quench the thirst of your knowledge. But is not it time consuming and even you are not assured of getting all its advantage.

So now i suggest you one more fun and informative way to gain knowledge. You can use twitters application hashtags which not only fill you with lots of facts and truth but will also give you immense pleasure while surfing net.

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1. #Did you know:

This tag is going to provide you all the knowledge about past, present and future events. By future events we mean what plans are going on around you and what their sequences can be.

2. #Skill Share:

ONE of the best hash tags according to me is this one. Here you learn almost everything and the most amazing thing is all the skills shown there are shared by common man like and between us so it is also a platform for you to introduce the whole world with you talent of anything like, designing, knitting, dancing etc.

3. #How to:

If you want to know how to make tea use this tag, and if you want to know how an induction motor works you can also know it from here. All your queries related to HOT TO are answered here.

4. #History:

If you have deep desire of knowing about history and pretty much interested in knowing what happened on some particular calendar day just type #history. Trust me you will feel happy after doing that because it will be worth doing.

5. #Ted:

If you have not joined Ted yet then you should do it as soon as possible in order to gain the advantage this beautiful world of videos.

6. #Home making:

You love to decorate your house with all new creativity and innovations and are still searching for some new ideas then this tag is definitely for you.

7. #Meded:

Weather you relate to medical field or you dont if you like to update yourself with the new technologies introduced in the field of medical science and you love to know about medicines and their use you must try this tag.

8. #Trivia:

Here you will find some facts which are posted by tweeter users. They are really interesting but we will advise you to recheck them while claiming to be right for your well being.

9. #Knowledge:

Here information about technology is provided to you. Why you should give Linux a try, why outsourcing is bad for business, and how to create beautiful items with batik are just a few of the informative links you can find when searching this hashtag.

10. #War:

Here comes the information about war held in history and everything related to those wars like their duration, battle field and time. You can also know about the latest information about the wars which might take place in future. We wish this never happens. If you are interested in war you can try this.

11. #Learning:

This hash tag is a combination of different types of information. You will here find the info about education to fashion. This is all about how and what to learn and future of learning.

12. #Pinterest:

If you will give this hash tag you will find that which is the favourite networking or any website among people. You can also find here information about various topics, from cooking to lawn care.

13. #Social media:

If you like to walk with the world and time and understand it necessary to be updated all the time about everything going on around you then try this one to connect socially.

14. #Literature:

It is not necessary that everyone on tweeter post you some meaningful tweet always. So we keep here all the pointless tweets. It is really a fun watching them.

15. #Islam:

If you are religious than you must read the thoughts and beliefs written under this section. Here you will find everything about Islam.

16. #Geography:

Do you love to roam and to know about each and every place on this Earth, try this hash tag. This will tell about how the population shifted during the Great Depression, or how globalization has eclipsed the nation-state?

17. #DIY:

There no age of learning and gaining knowledge by taking information of anything. If you want to know about soap making, gardening, flower making etc you can follow this hash tag.

18. #Astronomy:

When we were kids we wanted to know everything about stars and planets. But as we grow old all our queries get vanish. We become comparatively less curious. But let that kid in you alive and make yourself more curious and then use this tag and get lost in the world beyond this earth.

19. #Tutorial:

Internet is the powerful tool to know everything which you want to and twitter is full of people happily supplying followers with free #tutorials on how to do anything from mastering Adobe Fireworks to shooting high-quality videos with smart phones.

20. #MBA:

Even if you have a degree of masters in business but still we will ask you to just go through information under this tag as this can help you polish your business skills.

21. #Museum:

Museums are the meeting place of lifelong learners, bringing them exhibits and lectures that stretch the intellect and expand your horizons. Do you want to know whats going on in your nearest museum or any other museum in the world just type #museum and you will get all the necessary information.

22. #Documentary:

Documentaries are easiest and cheapest way to know everything about anything. At the same time it is enjoyable too. This hashtag bridges the gap between film and the Internet by pointing you in the direction of fascinating docs on all kinds of topics.

23. #Science:

To keep yourself update with latest science knowledge you can try this one. Tweeter has also provided you the facility of making accounts such as @TOPinscience and science daily. Just go on to collect all the fun and knowledge.

24. #Interesting:

There are also some sarcastic tweets by twitter user but you still are interested in knowing them try this tag. You might get to know some interesting fact.

25. #Wired:

The magazine named wired magazine gives you knowledge in hand. Here you will find all you want to know. This is the result of contributors and staff of tweeter. The articles here are really very interesting and they can connect you to some other interesting article.