2020 Vaping Reviews: Trustworthy & Honest

Vaping is an act of inhaling and exhaling a vapour, which is produced by an e-cigarette. Vaping is different from smoking because in vaping, you smoke aerosol, often mistaken as water particles. The aerosol consists of fine particles that are not as harmful as smoking a cigarette.

Vaping was introduced in 2007, and it has gained considerable popularity. Vaping devices come in a wide range of variety, which includes a device similar to a cigarette, or it can be pen-shaped. These pen-shaped devices are less expensive than the other products customized by the user. You can choose from a wide range of vaping devices in the market, but are these devices worth your money? We have gathered three best devices that you can use for vaping purposes, and we will review these three devices in this article. If you are living in the UK, then you can buy these products.

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  1. SMOK Nord Pod Vape Kit

It is pod vape, coming with various amazing colours. The colours mostly you would see in them are black, blue-black shaded, seven carbon fibre colour, blue carbon, prism gold and many others are available. SMOK Nord Pod Vape Kit is one of the most popular vapes these days. You can put it into your pocket effortlessly as it is a handy vape. The most significant feature of this vape is that it has been encompassing a huge battery of 1100 mAH size, which has been fitted out with 2 coils. Its vapour cloud is astonishing; whenever you pitch it with doing just a light puff, it will always give a sturdy MTL throat hit. This article is long-lasting all the days, not like that its excellence will get low with time. You can also use the side-filling feature to fill the vape and start it again rapidly. It is the button-activated all-in-one vape kit. It has been the finest vape at the best price. The cobra shield at the body gives an elegant wild look. This one is the finest vape in looks and apparatuses as well. 


Having Two Coils

The Nord kit has been giving two coil options, a ceramic coil that is 1.04ohm and mesh coil with 0.6ohm. It also has a magnetic cartridge system, which has been compatible with the Nord coil.

Powerful Battery Installed

A battery with providing 1100 mAH energy gives a long backup, and it provides good smoke till the end.

2. Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit

Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit vape is also one of the finest vape in 2020. It has a good hike in sales in the starting of the year. It has amazing round pillar type look. You can find it in many different colours like graffiti, blue, black, space black, metal blue, metal stainless steel and many more. There are six different colour graffiti options for you to select.

After releasing the Fireluke 2, they release FreeMax 80W Kit.


Set Watts

At the bottom, it has turning dial knob, in this mod you are capable of setting the watts you want from 5 to 8.

Coils Taste

The coils fit in this vape also give the taste of flavour. It has been liked because of its coil fragrance.


If you love to use a frivolous vape, you will select this vape kit. It is one of the finest selling vape in the vapes in the start of 2020. Vapers have been affectionate about this vape very much; many of the times we seen it out of stock. Its battery is 28650 and having fantastic energy, and it can effortlessly fire up to seventy watts.

0.6ohm mesh coils have been utilized in it, and fresh coils are 0.3ohm that can be geared for the e-juice you use frequently.

When you obtain VOOPOO VINCI 70W, it should be in its actual packing, which is a top-class packing and provides an aggressive look. You can present it to any of your vaper friends and no need to beautify because of its premium packing. It also comprises of 5 different kinds of coils. You can utilize it as an MTL or DTL fashion. The chip connected in this vape is the newest group of the vape in 2020. It can also establish the energy of the vape from 5-70 watts, be contingent on what power you wish to smoke.


New AI System

Some new features have also been installed in it. Its novel AI structure stops the vape coils from sweltering quickly and identifies the power.

1 Inch OLED

VOOPOO VINCI X MOD vapes have LED fitted in front. This LED is approximately one inch long, and you can observe all the statistics about the situation of the vape certainly.


In this article, we have discussed three products and their features. We hope these honest and trustworthy reviews can help you choose the suitable product and enjoy vaping experience. In 2020, with an excellent vape, you will start a gorgeous and fashionable lifestyle.