20 Best College Pin Boards Ideas for Pinterest

Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, ‘re-pin’ images to their own collections and/or ‘like’ photos.From game day fashion to alumni baby photos, college pinboards are full of some really fun and useful stuff. The association of college and Research Libraries hosted an online seminar this week dealing with Pinterest’s potential in academic settings, and some college libraries have already incorporated it into their social-media tool kits. Here are  some of the best college pin board ideas.

1.  Adorable bulldogs

Drake University is doing vast things by their Pinterest account, as well as Celebrate Drake, Study Abroad, Ultimate Fan, and Bulldogs exclusive of Borders boards that are really stupendous. Our personal preferred is one that thing to see photos of bulldogs, Drake’s official mascot. It is a really fun and cheery way to get school spirit to Pinterest.

2.  Future Aggies

We’re big supporters of the way that Texas A&M makes being an Aggie a family matter. In their Future Aggies Pinterest board, TAMU shares cute clothes, baby photos, and a celebration of the whole thing that Texas A&M kids may approximate.

3. Famous Maryland Alumni

The University of Maryland makes their educational worth stand out by importance alumni that have gone on to create it big. The educate boasts graduates as well as Google’s Sergey Brin, Connie Chung, and Jim Henson, amusing facts that we were unconscious previous to Pinterest.

4. Eat for $5

Obviously catering to the poor college crowd, Multnomah University’s Eat for $5 Pinterest Board shares great eats that students be able to pick and choose for a fiver or less. Include a little more jiggle room? They’ve got a board for $10 meals and still $10 Portland activities.

5. Bikes & Bike Style

On the bike-friendly campus of Oberlin College, two-wheeled feel affection for doesn’t stop on the bike paths: it goes on Pinterest, too. Cool bikes, exciting bike style photos, and still huge ideas for never losing your bike key yet again are accessible during this college pinboard.

6. Flip Flops & Long Boards-Campus Style

California Baptist University squeezes California way in this pinboard. Verify Flip Flops & Long Boards to get cool dorm thoughts, shoe styles, and yet rad skateboard designs.

7.  Weekend Adventures

Stockton College has established a huge way to inspire students, importance overwhelming adventures that they can look advance to each weekend. By means of a position that puts students close to the beach, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and still New York City, Stockton’s compilation of weekend adventures on Pinterest is remarkable.

8.  The Treasures of Yale

Taking place Pinterest, Yale is proficient to emphasize some of the most incredible artifacts in the university’s compilation, posting videos in The Treasures of Yale. This video sequence and Pinterest board goes in deepness to discover arts, humanities, and science resources from Yale, as well as exceptional paintings and art pieces.

9. Nowhere Like Here

During this Pinboard, Bennington College does a huge job of prominence what makes their school unique. Photos of fascinating spots on campus, unique activities, Bennington-only moments, and cool projects create this university appear similar to a place you want to be.

10. William Woods, the man

Enthusiastic to the namesake of William Woods University, this Pinterest board has photos of Dr. William Stone Woods, in addition to photos of his gravesite. We actually take pleasure in the way that William Woods University celebrates its tradition here on Pinterest.

11. Global Like No Other

Even though some colleges may say they propose a worldwide education, Concordia College actually backs it up with this Pinterest board. In the course of links, photos, and stories, the Global similar to No Other board from Concordia offers wide-ranging verification of why this school on a regular basis position along with the top 15 colleges in the country for worldwide study.

12. Historic Boston

While a women-centered university to be found in Boston, Simmons College has a lot to propose when it comes to the olden times of the city. Previous photos, maps, and historic architectural projects can be created in the college’s Historic Boston pinboard.

13. Jobs, Careers, & Internships

We’d similar to to observe Folsom Lake College actually search all that Pinterest has to suggest, although their Jobs, Careers, & Internships pinboard is off to an enormous begin. Distribution appropriate articles, news, and still the newest job openings, Folsom’s pinboard is a vast source for students to make sure out.

14. True love

From time to time, true love occurs on a college campus. It is obvious at Illinois College, and they’ve committed a whole pinboard to importance Illinois College sweethearts, wedded couples who met and developed their relationships at the college. Newlyweds, families, and old married couples add to this pinboard’s warm and downy feeling.

15. People of Elizabethtown College

Presently who makes up Elizabethtown College? This pinboard offers an answer, giving out links to stories about students, alumni, faculty, staff, and others in the Elizabethtown community. We love how Elizabethtown offers this pinboard to help outsiders get a suggestion of what the college is all concerning.

16. Things to do at Carleton

We’re convinced there’s no lack of things to do at Carleton University, and this pinboard does an enormous job of pointing out more than a few of the enjoyable activities that the school has to offer. From side to side Things to do at Carleton, students and other concerned parties can learn about art galleries, talent events, a butterfly show signs of, and even a magic show.

17. Maymester Destinations

Students at Piedmont College take pleasure in the chance to take part in a “Maymester” take a trip out of the country experience, and the college highlights some of the possibilities in their Maymester Destinations pinboard. We’re overwhelmed with how the college has established awe-inspiring photos of more than a few different European, South American, and Asian locations, appealing students to take benefit of this great program.

18. Creative Thought Matters

While a college with a standing for imagination, Skidmore College is staying proper to its roots with a pinboard devoted to imaginative idea. This gathering of pins shares interesting exhibits, projects, and social verification that Skidmore is a center of youthful inspiration.

19. Major Profiles

Previous to truly heading off to college and preferring a major, it can be delicate for some students to imagine what their life may be like. With the main Profiles pinboard, Hanover College allows approaching students to appreciate more about where a variety of main paths can take them, relying on the experiences and firsthand accounts of definite Hanover students.

20. FC Traditions???? ????? ? 18 ???

All campus loves to celebrate its famous customs, and Franklin College is no exception. On the FC Traditions pinboard, visitors can verify fun activities similar to Grizzly Grandparents, drop tailgating, and the arrival privy burn.