20 Awesome Facebook Music Applications For Music Lovers and Musicians

Facebook has always been in news whether for an user-privacy reason or their announcement of making privacy settings easier. But still its popularity is increasing day-by-day. Mostly everyone likes Facebook for both professional and personal use.

Even Facebook serves its users with a variety of applications for games, music, business, sports and many others. You can find different applications associated to your profession or hobby.

For music lovers out there, Facebook also unwrapped many applications to share music on your profile. This apps will help you to express your emotions for music on your Facebook profile or to share your favorites tune with your friends.

So, if you are a music lover, check out this list of 20 best Facebook music applications for your musical-love and listening pleasure.

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1) Pandora : Pandora on Facebook will let you enjoy music you already know and help you discover music you’ll love. Find your favorite songs or artists and create personalized stations that play full songs, keep tabs on your friend’s musical interests, and fill out your profile with music samples and favorite artists.


2) MixPod : This app integrates with the MixPod website to create a mobile playlist widget to post o your profile. You have to make a MixPod account first and link this account to the Facebook app. They have a great collection of music to choose from and you can also choose number of style for your playlist.


3) Grooveshark : This is one of my favorite music apps for music sharing in Facebook. Huge list of songs to choose from and a damn easy way to share songs directly to Facebook wall. Groovesharks also offers widget for WordPress blogs.


4) Music Video Jukebox : Video Jukebox finds music videos of your favorite music and lets you put them on your profile. No need to copy codes from YouTube or anywhere else. Just click on the video you want added to your profile. Video Jukebox scans your profile and figures out your music taste.

Music Video Jukebox

5) Music by iLike : iLike is the fastest growing social music discovery site on the Web, and the most popular music service on Facebook. You can listen to and post songs to your profile, get music news and updates, find nearby concerts and more.

Music By iLike

6) Music Challenge : Rather than focusing on music listening only, this app is a goes beyond to put your music knowledge to test! You will need to recognize which songs are being played on the jukebox of a classic bar. The good players will be also allowed to access the bonus mode to identify the artists.


7) Reverb Nation : You can add full-length tracks to your profile from established and emerging artists. You and your friends will be notified of changes to each other’s playlists. One of the interesting feature of this app is that you’ll get a diet of suggested music from your friends and others. You can “Dig” or “Ditch” the songs so your friends will know how you feel.

Reverb Nation

8 ) Profile Song : Profile Song lets you add a single song to your Facebook profile. Let your friends easily hear which is your favorite song or upload your own. you can suggest songs to your friends and receive suggestions for songs they like the most.

Profile Song

9) Music : This app will let you upload Music allows you to add multiple songs to your profile by either simple uploading a song or giving us a link to your song. You can easily search Youtube links and addint to your profile. Artists can easily upload their music onto their page to share with everyone else. You can even add in the player straight onto your website!.


10) ShareSong : ShareSong, powered by Grooveshark, allows you to add any song to your news feed. Grooveshark has millions of songs available and on-demand. It is a real simple app to share your favorite music oin your news feeds.


11) Trackitdown Music Playlist : The Trackitdown application lets you share your music with fans and friends. You can publish your public playlist to your profile using their default player. You can also publish your artist or label’s tracks to Facebook pages. This app also offers to send tracks in messages to friends or groups.

Trackitdown Music Playlist

12) Last.fm Profile : This simple application will add your most played artists/albums from last.fm to your facebook profile. You have to connect to your last.fm profile with this app to make it work.

Last.fm Profile

13) imeem : imeem lets you easily add songs, videos, and music playlists to your Facebook profile. Fill out your page with the newest and hottest tunes, your favorite music videos, or your latest party mix.


14) My Band : If you are a musician, artist, or have a band, you can promote it on your Facebook Page by adding the MyBand ‘Artist Profile’. MyBand is the ultimate music promotion and marketing tool. You can post unlimited songs for streaming or download. You can sell music, include your gig schedule and much more.

My Band

15) Music – My Store : This is app from Nimbit, the MyStore Music app on Facebook is an artist-to-fan tool for creating a storefront on your profile. This app offers you to sell yur music to Facebook members from you Facebook page. Sell tickets of your shows, DVD’s CD’s, etc.

Music - MyStore

16) My Music : My Music syncs your iTunes & WMP library and music history directly with your Facebook profile.  This allows you and your friends to view and listen to your entire iTunes & WMP libraries any time you want and from any computer.

My Music

17) Yahoo! Music Videos : Yahoo! Music has the largest collection of music videos on the web, and you can access it on Facebook. You can browse catalog, share favorites in your profile, and send dedications to friends. Plus if you need recommendations, this app automatically spotlight videos that match artists found in your profile.

Yahoo! Music Videos

18) Muziic : Muziic is another nice and simple music app for playing and sharing your favorite songs, radio stations and music videos right from your profile.


19) Jukebox : Jukebox is an all around cool application. It’s a playlist of songs you can put on your profile, in either column. You can customize the color of the player, comment on songs, and add new songs hosted anywhere on the web. Jukebox uses the JW MP3 Player which is a pretty great way to embed media in web pages.


20) Music Videos : An extensive collection of videos of artits like Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Carrie Underwood to name a few. This app lets you to add videos to your profile. Get all the latest videos from all your favorite artists and share with your friends.

Music Videos

If you know any other Facebook music applications which we missed, feel free to share with our readers in the comments section below.