2 Simple Ways to Make a Password Reset Disk

Password Reset Disk

Being locked out of your computer is probably one of the worst experiences in life. If you had to rate it, it would probably be somewhere between chipping a tooth while eating candy and having a football slam into your gut. Although we can’t help you with the tooth or the football incident (maybe we can, but not here!), we can definitely show you how to create a password reset disk so you can bypass that pesky string of characters that’s keeping you from accessing your Windows PC.


Method 1 : PassMoz LabWin

As software utilities go, PassMoz LabWin is one of the most robust password cracking tools available on the market. It’s inexpensive to purchase, well worth the money, simple to use and has a very high password recovery rate.


Using the software is literally as easy as 1-2-3, as described below:

Step 1: Download and install the software on a borrowed laptop or another PC running the same operating system, and burn the ISO file to a disk or USB flash drive.


Step 2: Next, remove the media storage device from the first computer and insert it into the computer that’s locked, and boot it up. You’ll see the list of accounts available on that computer. Choose the one you want to unlock and hit the “Reset Password” button.


Haha, fooled you! It’s actually as easy as 1-2! And you’re done.

Note: PassMoz LabWin has everything pre-built into it, so there’s no additional command inputs or tools required to unlock your PC. And it works with Windows 10 right down to XP and Vista.


Method 2: Ultimate Boot CD

Another premium tool that can help reset your Windows password is UDBC. This bootable utility lets you bypass or reset the password on all Windows devices from Windows 10 going back to Windows 2000.

Using this utility requires a few extra steps. You’ll need to click on the confirmation email link from another computer, then download the .zip file. Next, extract the file’s contents and burn it onto a USB drive or a black CD/DVD using Windows Explorer.

After that, you can insert the drive or CD into the locked computer and boot it up. On the boot screen, you’ll see an option to open the BIOS Setup Utility. Within the utility you’ll see a Boot tab, where you can select either CD/DVD or USB depending on where you have the ISO file.

Save the changes with F10, then on the PCUnlocker interface choose the account you want to unlock the password for. Next, hit “Reset Password.” When the “Change Password” windows pops up, choose a new password for that account.

Once that’s done, remove the USB drive or CD/DVD and restart your computer. You will now be able to log into that account with the new password you just set up.


About Password Security

To avoid such situations, you can use the Windows feature to pre-burn a reset password disk. That way, when you forget your password, you’ll have the disk ready and waiting. Obviously, you can only do this before you’ve forgotten the password. If you don’t prepare the media in advance, the only way is to use a third-party utility like PassMoz LabWin or PCUnlocker.

As you can see, PassMoz utility requires the least amount of user input and is virtually a 1-2… and you’re done! There are dozens of premium password reset tools for Windows, but very few that have all the requirements built in so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

As a final tip, make sure you have an easy way of remembering your password. Here’s a great infographic that shows you how to create a complex password, yet something that can easily remembered whenever you need it.