15 Unskippable Tricks with iPhone Keyboard Every iPhone User Must Try

iPhone tricks

Are you a new user of the iPhone? There are so many things that are left for you to explore, rather than its super smooth user interface and other compatible apps. The iPhone keyboard can make the entire use of the iPhone handier with amazing tips and tricks. Bring out more productivity with simple yet unknown keyboard tips and tricks.

Thus, you can save time and notice how easy it is to use the iPhone with such tricks. Never miss out the following tricks because it’s cool to make things happen with little effort. However, avail iPhone repair Dubai service in case your iPhone keyboard faces issues. Let’s check out some well-known and out-of-the-box tricks with the iPhone keyboard.

1.   You can Create your own Shortcuts

Have you heard this before? Yes, you can indeed replace a shortcut with a complete phrase if you have modified the settings. iPhone offers you the Text Replacement feature to make it happen. For instance, if you want to send a message like ‘Complete your homework first’ then you can set the shortcut as ‘cyhf’. As soon as you finish typing that shortcut, the former message would appear on your iPhone screen. Here’s how you can set it:

  • Open Settings. Head towards General.
  • Choose Keyboard. And, tap on Text Replacement.
  • Press the + sign to create a new shortcut.

Moreover, you can add an emoji as a text replacement, too. Just create a shortcut and place the related emoji at the Phrase box.

2. Want to Undo? Just Shake

For instance, you have typed something wrong by mistake, and you have to backspace the entire phrase to cancel the last action. Or, you can just shake your iPhone to get rid of your last typing error. This will save your effort when you have to undo any long-phrase or note in your message. Don’t select the whole paragraph to delete it; simply give a shake to your iPhone. Additionally, you don’t have to make any changes with the Settings of the iPhone. Try this trick, and thank us later.

3. Enable One-Handed Feature

Former iPhone variants such as iPhone 6S, 7 were easily accessible, especially for typing anything with one hand. But, with the launch of iPhone 11 Pro Max and other similar variants, one-handed typing seems quite tricky. Then, why don’t you activate the one-handed mode for your larger iPhones? This dedicated mode will minimize the iPhone keyboard and make it compatible for typing with just one hand. Use the following guidelines:

  • Go anywhere in the Message or Notes application to launch the keyboard. Look for the Globe icon. Press and hold that icon for a few seconds.
  • Now, you have to select the one-handed keyboard to appear at the left or right of the iPhone screen.

4. Convert the Cursor in 3D Touch

Long press the keyboard of your iPhone, and it will change into a 3D trackpad instead of a keyboard. Well, this trick is for those users who have iPhone 6S or later variants of iPhone. You can swipe the cursor in any direction you want. This feature has resolved the issues with selecting any phrase in the screen through the cursor. Selecting texts over any touchscreen phone was never easier before this.

5. Adjust the Keyboard Settings

If you are a newbie with the iPhone, then we recommend adopting several keyboard settings for hassle-free typing. This will help you in avoiding typo mistakes. Here’s how you can set your customization with keyboards on your iPhone:

  • Explore Settings followed by the General option.
  • Look out for Keyboard, and there you can find different settings related to Keyboard. Some of them are Auto-Correction, Check Spelling, Predictive, Smart Punctuation, etc.
  • Enable or disable them according to your preferences.

6. Swipe to Type

You can enable the feature named QuickPath for swipe typing. Just swiping over the keys will produce the word that you are trying to type. This makes typing faster and easier. You can lift your finger up once you are done with a single word. Every iPhone has this feature enabled, and you can use it at any time. Furthermore, avail iPhone repair Dubai to eradicate any functionality issue with your iPhone.

7. Tap to Select Text

If you can’t find that 3D touch Cursor that is useful for selecting text on the iPhone screen, then you can opt for multiple taps. Double-tap on any word to select the text. If you want to select the entire paragraph, then tap it thrice continuously. Now, you can carry on the next task such as copy, cut or paste.

8. Pinch to Copy or Cut Phrases

In case you have to copy or cut a phrase, then multiple taps won’t be enough. After you tap at the starting word of the phrase, pinch the screen to the last word of the phrase. The highlighted texts have been selected. Now, you can opt to copy or cut that phrase. Similarly, you can paste in between the texts.

9. Undo and Redo with a Swipe

Shaking your phone will definitely perform an undo task, but what about redo? For instance, if you mistakenly undo an item that shouldn’t be removed, then a redo is essential. To undo your last action, use three fingers to swipe from right to left on the iPhone screen. If you have accomplished undo more than required, then redo with three fingers swiping from left to right.

10. Capitalize Letter with Shift Key

There’s a Shift key to make the letters uppercase and lowercase. Suppose you have to capitalize a single letter then dealing with the Shift key every now and then can seem tiresome. When you want to make the letter uppercase just swipe over the Shift key with another finger. And you will get the word as you desire. You need not double-tap on the Shift key whenever you have to capitalize any single letter.

11. Dictate to Type

Are you in a hurry? Then, avoid typing the Message or Note and dictate your words to create a message. Use the speech to text functionality of the iPhone and turn on the microphone of your iPhone. So, your iPhone can hear you and type the statement that it listens on its own. Press the Microphone icon to enable the feature and record your message instead of typing.

12. Go for Landscape

For plus-sized variants of iPhone, you can activate the keyboard in its landscape view. When you change the orientation of the iPhone, only this Landscape Keyboard can help you out. You can observe new keys, including copy, paste, formatting keys for more manageable tasks.

13. Go Bold or Italic

Or how about underlined? The fun fact is that you can personalize with bold, underlined or italic texts with the help of an iPhone. Just select the texts that you want to make different from others. Then, press the BUI option. Opt for the option that you wish to customize with your texts.

14. Deactivate Keyboard Sounds

If you can’t bear with the clicking noise of the keys, then you can turn it off. Launch Settings and go to Sound & Haptics. Discover the Keyboard Clicks option. Toggle the switch off. It is disabled when it turns grey from the green.

15. Insert Numbers or Punctuation

While you are typing any text on your iPhone, you can insert any numeric or punctuation mark without availing the numeric tab. Look around for the 123 or ABC key. When you have to insert a numeric immediately swipe on that key and select the punctuation or digit to insert in the text.


To discover more productive functions of the keyboard, you can install a trusted third-party keyboard on your iPhone. You can set different themes on that keyboard to make your iPhone look stylus. However, consider iPhone repair Dubai service for water damage, screen damage or software related problems.

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