12 Essential Factors To Determine The Right Fleet Tracking GPS Device

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The right fleet management solution can make or break a fleet business. And as the success of these solutions entirely rests on the right GPS fleet trackers, you need to take extra caution in choosing one. You need a tracking device for your fleet that enables your managers and other employees, all the while streamlining your fleet business business operations. 

Though there are a lot of reasons to use a GPS tracker, primarily, a fleet tracking GPS device’s basic function is to record the real-time location of fleet vehicles. However, this one piece of information holds the key to enhanced productivity. And so, you need to keep a certain set of factors in mind before investing and betting on the success of your fleet business.

Here are the major factors to consider before choosing the right fleet tracking GPS device for your fleet management:

Identify Your Requirements

Just as your business is different from others, so are its requirements. A general GPS fleet tracking solution may not be best suited for the specific needs of your fleet. So the first step is to analyze your requirements – the need for various resources to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. And choose a fleet tracker that is relevant to your operations. For example, if most of your trucks are used only for the short-haul, you might not need a fleet GPS tracker that comes with ELD. Matrack list of fleet trackers have all those fleet tracking devices that come with an ELD so that you don’t need to unnecessarily increase your expenses on a solution that is of no use to you.

Essential Features

The tracking device for your fleet should provide the basic features that include real-time location tracking, geofencing, travel history, email/SMS alerts, voice commands, and synchronizing with Google maps. These basic features are a must-have for every fleet GPS tracker, regardless of its brand or the type of business you have. Matrack is one of the renowned brands that provides all the essential features in their fleet GPS tracking device.


Although it is a one-time activity, installing a GPS tracker in your fleet vehicles must be an easy job. Most fleet GPS trackers come with a detailed manual on their installation, and vendors also offer installation services for a small fee. But you need one that can be installed without much technical expertise so that even your drivers can do it. 


Check out if the tracking device is lightweight and small in size. The more compact devices you use for your fleets, the less trouble they will create for drivers. Nobody wants to carry a bulky old fashioned GPS tracker. Moreover, a portable GPS device can also work for various other tasks apart from vehicle tracking. You can also use the tracker to track parcels, assets, drivers, etc.


An efficient fleet GPS tracker must allow you to set up necessary and functional alerts. For efficient functioning of your fleet, you need to know what is happening in real-time. You can customize your fleet solution to receive alerts on speeding, braking, parking, fuel reporting, engine reporting, low battery, and theft alerts. Find a GPS device that provides you these essential alerts so that you can keep your vehicles safe and durable.


Data in itself is of not much use to you; you need intelligent reports based on the data that can help you make informed decisions regarding your business. For example, knowing where one of your fleet vehicles has been standing for the past one hour is not enough. A report on that particular vehicle’s idle time will help you use your resources to achieve maximum output. Similarly, a good fleet tracking device will collect the data on mileage, while its intuitive interface will generate a report on fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, IFTA, and more.


The hardware of the tracking solution is a major factor to consider while purchasing it for fleets. Get yourself a sturdy GPS tracker that can go through all the wear and tear in the fleet business and still work relentlessly. It’s good if you find a waterproof, heat-resistant, and anti-shock device.


The GPS device data should be accessible through various devices such as PCs, tablets, and cell phones. The user interface of the device as well as the mobile app should be easy-to-use and intuitive. The apps should be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Battery Backup

The battery of your GPS device should be long-lasting so that you can track your vehicles anytime and anywhere with a single charge. An efficient tracking device comes with a battery that lasts for at least 2 weeks. 


A quality product company will provide you with good warranty offers. Get the best GPS device that provides you with a long-term warranty even if it’s a sturdy and durable device. If you have a warranty on your device, you don’t have to worry about the cost of replacement or repair.

Tech support

Your fleet operations depend on a fully functional GPS tracker. However, being a machine, it is vulnerable to unforeseen glitches. This is why choose a vendor that can be there for you when you need them. And in the fleet industry, it means 24/7. Look for a vendor that is available round-the-clock through various channels and can come to your aid as and when required. 


Find a company that is suitable for the needs of your business. The company understands that their devices need improvements and up-gradation consistently. Do a research and find about the company’s products and the number of versions they have launched till now. Check if they are continuously bringing new technology to the industry.

On A Final Note

Today, fleet GPS trackers are synonymous with increased fleet productivity and an improved ROI. They are essentially your fleet business’s path to uninterrupted success. However, to ensure that your business can depend on the GPS fleet tracker, you need to invest in one that can fulfill the operational requirements of your fleet. You can also read more fleet tracking resources on yourbestfleet.com

We have covered all the basics of what you need to look for in a GPS fleet tracker. Based on these and other factors relevant to your fleet, you can surely decide to get the best option available to you.

What are your fleet’s specific needs from a GPS tracker? Do let us know in the comments!