11 Things To See And Do When In Tbilisi

Tbilisi landscape

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and one of the oldest cities in the world. It has a lot to offer for visitors, so it is worth paying a visit for a short or long trip. There is a lot to see and do in Tbilisi because it is the cultural centre of Georgia. It is a city of beautiful attractions, several museums, cafes and restaurants, great shopping and art galleries. If you are into hiking, there are a lot of opportunities too in the countryside around Tbilisi. The three mountains surrounding the city make for great hiking opportunities. Tbilisi has a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from good quality, reasonably priced hostels to high-end five-star hotels. There are many things to do in this beautiful city. It is a city of unique monuments and details, making it a beautiful place to visit.

1. The Sulfur Baths of Old Tbilisi

This bathhouse is a symbol of Georgian civilization. It was built in 1787 and is still in good shape two hundred years after it was made. The bathhouse has unique rooms decorated with designs and patterns not found anywhere else in the world. It also has an excellent restaurant where you can eat and drink inside the bathhouse. This place is popular with tourists.

2. Meidan Bazar

This is one of the many old bazaars in Tbilisi. This place has lots of exciting things to see, and you can buy clothes here which are unique locally. This market is one of the oldest still in existence. It was built during the early 1800s and has been there ever since. The market offers a lot, including food stalls, restaurants, souvenir shops, clothes shops, and more. It also has a maze-like design, so it is fun to explore

3. National Gallery of Fine Arts

Georgians are known for their art, noticeable in their architecture and buildings. This museum has an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, jewellery, and more made by Georgian artists. The illustrations are primarily done in the traditional Georgian style, which is very colourful. There is a lot to see in this museum, and it has many different areas, so you will not get bored while exploring it.

4. The Cascade Palace

This palace was built in the 17th Century and is one of the most beautiful buildings in Tbilisi. It is an excellent example of the royalty’s life before the revolution. The gates to the palace are impressive because they are made from iron and look like they are made of gold. A court is famous because people like to see it up close. Many local artists also come here to sell their work in the gallery rooms inside.

5. Holy Trinity Cathedral

This building is an ancient Christian church situated in the center of Tbilisi. It is also known as Sameba Cathedral because its shape represents the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This cathedral was built in 2004 with an impressive gold roof that shines from far away. One of the walls is decorated with all the names of people who helped make this cathedral.


6. Leaning clock tower

This tower is not leaning but has an unusual lean to one side. This can be noticed if you look at the clock face on the tower’s side. Its name comes from its shape since it seems like it sways from one side to another. This is because this tower leans due to its construction, which was never supposed to happen.

7. Tbilisi Peace Bridge and Rike Park

This bridge is a modern one that connects Tbilisi with the neighboring country of Russia. It is called the Peace Bridge because the countries seal a friendship and friendship treaty while they are both on the bridge. The Tbilisi Peace Bridge has become an excellent place to stop and get some ice cream due to its popularity among locals and tourists.

8. Narikala Fortress

The Narikala fortress is known for being one of the most formidable forts in the country. It was built in 1783, and it protects Tbilisi from its enemies. The defence also has a small museum inside where you can see exciting artefacts found in these parts and many statues and paintings of Georgia’s important people throughout history.

Narikala Fortress


9. Chronicles of Georgia

This is an impressive museum located close to Tbilisi’s old town. The museum covers all aspects of the history of Georgia and is one of the most excellent museums in all of Georgia. It has a nice design, and you will not be bored inside this museum. It has a wide range of things you can see, such as ancient coins with stories about them, paintings, various pottery, and other items that make this museum worth visiting.

10. Gardenia Shevardnadze

This park is a great place to walk through and is very close to old Tbilisi. This park used to be the backyard of a palace built in the city during the 18th century, but today it has nice grass and trees. There is also a small cafe in the middle of the park where you can enjoy some lemonade or tea.

11. Mtatsminda Park

This park used to be a palace but is less majestic today. It has a nice view of the city, and a zoo is on top of an old fortress in the park which you can visit. The recent history of Georgia starts with its independence from the Russian Empire in 1918, followed by an invasion from the Soviet Union. After those events, Georgia became part of its short-lived republic, the Democratic Republic of Georgia, which lasted for several months. In 1921, Georgia requested affiliation with the Soviet Union, resulting in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic being created the next year and is still there to this day.

Thus, the general information about Georgia can be divided into these parts. If you are interested in exploring every aspect of Georgia, you will have enough information about the place. Overall, Georgia is a lovely country with plenty of places to explore for people interested in seeing the rich culture and architecture of this part of the world. You can explore it with your car hire Tbilisi since it gives you a flexible option to see different places without being stuck at one home. So, keep your visit plan ready with us, make an Air Arabia booking, and enjoy your trip once you are here. We bet that you will love this beautiful country.