10web Review

In today’s busy life, who does not like an all in one platform? Something that does all the work for you in one place itself without having to search for multiple platforms. If you are someone that’s looking for such a solution for hosting and running a website, we’ve got you covered.

No matter which blog or website you pick, the base of it turns to be WordPress. It has steadily built a reputation for itself as the most popular choice to open up a blog or a website. Apart from being handy and easy-to-use, there are multiple reasons for individuals opting for a WordPress service.

Some of them being quick updates, thousands of free and paid plugins and themes that let you build numerous types of websites or blogs amongst others. Running a site means that you need a few essentials in a place like plugins, tools and themes of various kinds. As a content creator, one must need a lot of back-ups for their work and WordPress offers that in abundance.

Where does 10web fit then, in this scenario?


10web is a WordPress management and support service that offers everything one needs to run an efficient and well-oiled website. It is essentially a part of WebDorado, which is a new and useful website. 10web has adapted to the SaaS model of business where companies charge by the term of usage instead of charging product-wise. This is also why 10web is referred to as the one-stop solution management centre for all of the WordPress requirements.

It is the most popular Content Management System, with over 10 million downloads and above 500k users around the world. The bedrock reason that most content creators and bloggers opt for this service is the variety it offers in hosting, theme and plugins at a meagre cost.


Google Cloud powers WordPress with a 7-day trial period so you can try out the services they offer. They claim to provide everything one may need to host an excellent website.

Some of the features they offer are:

Backstage Website: 10web helps you create a staging website where you can preview your content before it is published and put online. Here, you can check the necessary changes that need to be made, if any before you put it up. It helps to crease out the errors.

Plugins and Themes: It provides 60 plugins and themes and over six premium WordPress themes that is brought on by WebDorado. You can thus, choose from a variety of different styles to personalize your website.

Backup: It has a reliable backup service that lets you save your content and restore it as and when you need it. The service goes back up to 10 days, so all unsaved material automatically gets backed up on its own.

SEO and Data Usage: 10web helps optimize data since it works across 4 data centres around the globe and enables you to gain control of the indexing of pages. The servers also run on an SSD servers that boosts your data transfer rate and speeds up your website.

SSL Certificate: An SSL certificate helps you operate your website at a higher level. It makes the users believe the site to be trustworthy.

Speedy Performance: The services are fast in performance and helps boost the performance in one click. You can also keep tabs on the site performance as you are working on it.


10web comes at a premium pricing plan that as mentioned earlier works on term usage of the services with monthly, quarterly or yearly payment options. As of now, 10web offers three plans of services divided into Personal, Premium and Enterprise. At $20, you can avail Personal 10web services, to manage one WordPress website for a month. $60 Premium plan lets you control 3 WordPress websites with all support and services for one month. At $170 you can manage ten websites for one month complete with all products and services.


The services provided by 10web are efficient and worthy of the pricing offered by them. The only chink in the armour seemed to be the availability of the themes provided by the website. If you get connected to themes that are provided by other vendors available online, it will help flourish your website to another level. 10web is offering an excellent and very affordable service for professional WordPress developers and bloggers. The hosting of the website runs smoothly, and the makers of this service are working tirelessly to get the services better every passing day.