10 Tips To Help You Stay Focused While Blogging

We all know that staying focused is the key for success. The same rule follows for writing whether it is an article, a blog post or a press release, it is important to stay focused if you want your output to be so productive that people end up reading it.

Blogging is passion for me. I love blogging and it is the only thing which connect me to the whole world, improve my writing and build readers to listen my ideas and much more. But there are times that I lose focus and making it miserably hard for me to write a quality blog post.

And if you are writer or a blogger from quite some time, you must know that it is quite common to become distracted. Blogging requires tremendous amount of concentration so that your content will be interesting for your readers. That is the reason, in this article, I decided to write few hints or tips to stay focused while you are blogging.Because people will only appreciate and start following you for quality information when you write quality content and for writing quality content, you have to stay focused when blogging.

So, here are 10 tips to help you stay focused while blogging.

1) Fix a schedule and work accordingly : Writing a quality article is not the only thing that matters. You should have to fix your schedule such that you can give time to promotion of your article to get the maximum exposure. You also have to concentrate on your blog design, plugins to use and ad placements etc. Surely, these all things you don’t have to do every day but keeping a check on it will give you the best results. Plan your daily schedule and assign specific time to a particular task like researching post topic for 2 hours, 3 hours for writing a post, 1 hour for promotion and so on.

2) Keep your mobile on silent mode : It is reallyfrustratingwhen you are writing a blog post and suddenly your mobile rings. It makes the workingenvironment totally ruined up. So,I would suggest you to turn the ringer off your mobile or landline and allow answering machine to do some work.

3) Disable all Email notifications : When you decide to start writing, close all email clients and notifications. In my case, if email window is open, I tend to check my email at every 10 minutes or so which is really a big distraction for me. So I promised myself that will close all windows and email notifications while writing. This way I will not be tempted to check or answer my emails.


4) Write a blog post from office or home : It is really great to take your laptop and head towards at a coffee shop or a cafe. But believe me I always end up with 5-6 coffees, looking at hot chicks and 3-4 lines of a article. So, its always better to write your article from home or office because at both places you can control over your distractions.

5) Self motivation is the key : You need to have fun with your blog and for that you have to choose a topic which you are interested in. Collect all the facts, real examples, research material at one place before writing anything. Then take 2 minutes to read your to-do list and give yourself a specific time to finish your article at a particular given time. This is really a simple thing but keeps you motivated with 100% concentration while you are writing.

6) Say no to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace : Sorry guys, if you really want to stay focused and write a quality content, you have to help yourself to close Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. Because I know you regularly check after every half an hour or so what you are friends are up to which keeps you distracted from your main work. I am not saying that don’t check your social media accounts but give them a specific time in a day so that you concentrate on your writing rather than checking your Facebook friends profile or Twitter status.

7) Close all IM messengers : Everyone loves to chat with their friends online but while chatting you cannot stay focused on writing. So, it is better to close all email messengers or show “busy” status while you are writing. When there is no IM window popping up in every second, you will end up mostly with a great content.

8 ) Allow your mind to flow : Start writing quickly and let the mind to flow. Don’t worry about the spelling or grammar mistakes – whatever idea clicks in you mind, just write it quickly. This will not allow your mind to think over and distracted from other things. It will also help you to write the post quickly but don’t forget to make necessary edit before publishing the article.

9) Listen your favorite tunes : For some people, listening music is a way to keep mind on writing and for some of them it is a distraction. But, for me, Music helps me to keep my mind on task and that’s why I listen my favorite music while blogging.

10) Keep your workspace clean and uncluttered : A messy workspace is not recommended to be productive so keep it clean and removeunnecessary items which can distracted while you are working.So, always clean you workspace before writing a blog post because a simple item can be distracting for you.

These are some simple but effective tips that can help you to be stay focused and productive while blogging. But sometimes, overdo of blogging will cause health problems too and too avoid you can check our previous article which shows tips to follow for healthy blogging. And if you use some other way to stay focused, do share with our readers in the comments section below.

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