10 Tips For Mac Users

Mac presents you different techniques of doing things, some of them are presented in this article. A few of these will surely astonish you.

1] Quick conversion

To quickly convert the numerals just start the spotlight and type the figures that you intend to change- Example 100 pounds or 50 kgs. Spotlight will exhibit a list of conversions for the given figures. However the currency of conversion can happen only if the Mac is online.

2] Screenshot control

screenshot control

There are times that you desire to take the screenshot of a part of the screen for this all you need to do is tap Command + Shift 4 and then you can click and drag a box to highlight the part of which you intend to take the screenshot.

3] Image export


You open an image in the preview but want to export it in a format that is not listed when the Export command is selected. In this situation hold down the option key when you click the Format drop down list. Here there will be new images for selection of new images export options.

4] Expose


If there are several documents open on your Mac and you need to find one specific then you can cycle through all the windows then you can be faster if you just tap the F3 button to access the minimized look of all your documents.

5] Split Screen View

slipt screen view

If you are resizing the windows with the help of Split Screen View hold down the Option key and you can clearly see both the windows as you do.

6] Volume Tip


Tap Option and Shift while increasing or decreasing the volume and you will be able to the adjust the sound in very easy steps.

7] Faster Rename


If you intend to rename a whole bunch of files then select them all in one single folder and right click them. Select the rename option from the contextual menu. Then give them the name that you intend to.

8] Get to work fast

show sidebar

If there are too many folders on your system and you are looking for the folder that you are working on. Launch the new Finder window, select the show sidebar and select and drag and drop your work in the sidebar.

This will enable you get new files in your folder and retrieve it as quickly as launching finder. Moreover, having too many open folders can slow your Mac. You can learn how to clear cache on mac to make it faster, though.

9] Take command

Mac facilitates you to navigate between the apps using Command and Tab. However the added feature is that you can Quit an app just by selecting it and pressing Q.

10] Silence

There is Do Not Disturb option in this you press the Option Key and tap the notifications icon in the top right and the icons change to light grey. From now till you switch them on again you will not receive Notifications.