10 Tips for Facebook Marketing


Social media is becoming juggernaut of business and personal communication quickly. Facebook boasts around 1 million users and this site sees over 500 million exclusive visitors every month. Facebook is an incredible marketing tool for every business.

Absolutely everyone appears to be making use of Facebook nowadays. As per Facebook’s own statistics, individuals spend more than 600 billion minutes on this platform monthly. Wow!

Thus, it’s vital that your company discover ways that your audiences segments are using social networking platforms and build up a corresponding plan. Many companies simply configure Facebook Page, post to it randomly until they get fed up, and leave it to collect dust for months after a time.

What will it mean to the business if you developed an apparent Facebook Marketing strategy instead and executed it with care? What will it mean to the business if you delighted your prospective customers on Facebook? Potential marketing chance on Facebook is wonderful for lots of business, and quiet perhaps for yours!


It isn’t that Facebook replaces all other forms of advertising. But your prospective clients ARE spending time at some place. And you wish to get connected with them and boost the time which they spend together with your brand. Thus, if they are there on Facebook, and they are there on Facebook for very long, that behooves you to grow a plan to network with them in a way which adds importance to their experience.

Here are 10 ways of Facebook Marketing:

1. Decide Why you’ve the Facebook Page

Like with any marketing medium, to maximize return for your own business you wish to understand why you’re doing the marketing, define your Facebook Marketing objectives, and develop corresponding approach. Your audience might value Facebook as customer service medium for your business. While in the other cases, it may be an appropriate news or content source. In the other cases, it can be an apt sales source or your fans might just wish to “speak” with you and become an element of it all.

2. Make Custom Tab

When you start your Facebook’s Page for your own business, your Facebook Page has a typical set of “tabs,” which includes a Wall where comments and posts are published and Info tab with common information regarding your company. You also can extend the abilities of Facebook Page by making custom tabs. For instance, the StartupNation’s Facebook Page includes “welcome” tab with the links to different types of products and content, and with promotion for currently-running Leading Mom in Business Competitions. You actually can submit your entry via another custom tabs.

3. Edit the Tab Order

The Facebook tabs emerge in the vertical order on left side of the Page. Right under list of tabs tends to be the small “Edit” choice. You can make use of this to modify the order of tabs (outside Wall and the Info tabs). It is useful particularly if you wish for a certain tab on top or at bottom of list in order that this stands out. With StartupNation Facebook’s tabs, for instance, “Welcome” tab is placed just below Wall and the Info tabs, and Leading Mom in Business Competitions tab at bottom of list.

4. Post Many Times

All of us have seen them. Facebook Page where the business overly was excited when setting their Page, with seven posts on the very first day, and no more posts in following three months. Like with any type of marketing for business, if you’re going to do this Facebook Marketing, then do it nicely. By ignoring your Page for months, you send the message to your audiences that you don’t just care. So decide whether the Facebook Page is what your business requires, and if the reply is yes then stick to some kind of posting schedule at least.

5. Use the Facebook Ads

Paid ads in Facebook Marketing are a great chance for your business which enables you to easily target your audiences for your advertisements in lots of ways. You can state the age group, geographic area, and gender of those who will see your advertisements. Not just that, you can state the particular interests of your audiences as narrowly or as broadly as you’d like to. You can set the campaign budget and bid price, and check as many ad copy, headlines and ad images as your heart wishes. And if you make a decision that your campaign isn’t just working, you can end the campaign right away, as a result lowering your risks of overspending on campaigns.

6. Get them for Signing Up

Giving your audiences something of worth in exchange for sign-up or registration can be important to your business, since it allows you to have ongoing conversation with the ones who have expressed their interest. So, hold sweepstakes or competition, or merely offer sign-up for something of worth in exchange.

7. Send Updates

Facebook Page Administrator is able to send message to everybody who “Likes” his Page. So whenever you’ve something of worth to allow your fans familiar about, send out updates and make them alert. Just be very careful with the occurrence of this method. Send stuff to fans when it actually matters only.

8. Have some Dialogue

If somebody takes time to comment onto your Facebook Wall, then answer them. Dwell on it, if somebody calls your business, then you answer the call and you also answer all their questions. Same goes with emails and with a submission form from your site. And the same also goes with Facebook network.

9. Try to Go Beyond Your Pages

Facebook now lets you to navigate via Facebook “as Page.” thus; you can post also to other Pages which you “Like.” (Note that this is just for the Pages for which permission has been configured to consent to third-party post.) Just be additional careful with this, because you must post to other Facebook Page ONLY if you have anything of true worth to add. And also be very polite to Page owner. NEVER SPAM. It’s bad marketing technique.

10. Use it like a Content Platform

Make use of Facebook like a publishing platform as well as the channel to extend reach of your contents. If you write blog post, update the Facebook Page and make the world know regarding it and have an access to that. Not everybody is going to stopover your blog daily. The more you can once write and publish at numerous locations, more likely is that your precious content will reach to your audience.