10 Things you can try to Overcome from Google Penguin Web Spam Update

Are you in a problem regarding your websites ranking that has drastically shifted to the bottom? Well you are not alone. Millions of websites managers have got into trouble by, new Google Penguin Web Spam update. All of these websites are struggling to get normal once again. Many of the website owners have found that the average number of hits, their site was getting has got down dramatically.

This all shit has happened after the penguin has raised havoc on the net. Although the penguin was designed to attack spammers, this stuff is not able to discriminate between the real spammers. The safe sites are being attacked and the problem-creators are untouched. If you are one of the victims, here go some remedies for your problem.

Paid text links

Do not use similar anchor text searches to increase your website search ranking. This paid text links scheme very easily falls victim to Penguin.

Comment spam

You should try to have control over all the comments by the people who visit your site such that no spam target text is present. Though it is almost impossible to have complete control over the comments, but this is only the way to prevent your site from being listed by the penguin.

Guest posts

If your site allows guests post, you need to be more careful. Try to prevent guest posts which contain links to penguin targeted site; otherwise your website will also get hit by penguin.

Site links

Be careful with the links on site. If any of those links are target to penguin, then your site is next.

Endless fixes

If you are committed to free your site from targeted links and spammer contents, then I must warn you that the process will go on and on, something illegitimate will keep popping up.

Easier to start over

If you have been already listed by the penguin then it is better to have a new start. New start will make things easier for you.

Already targeted

Once hit by the penguin update, it will always have an aim on your back and will always return when you think everything is fine. So listen to me and start over.


Its over for your site if your website has been hit and now on the lists of black sites, the penguin never forgets.

Reporting form

Large number of people on the list of submitting form – 5,672,893, if you r one of them, good luck for that. This report was brought out by Google for the people who think their website was unfairly hit by the algorithm update.

Spam reporting????? ?????? ?????? ?? ????? ???????????

Google won’t know who to believe as reporting spam on your page by your competitor’s is malicious. If that’s case you have a good reason to give it up.