10 Things to Avoid Before Posting to Pinterest

Pinterest is the new fastest growing social networking site that allows users to collect and share photos of their favorite events, interests and hobbies.

This allow users to virtually pin up and share pictures they like covering various categories.

But, before you start pinning consider these ten things that can really annoy Pinterest users.

1. Pinning without permission: There are many websites which allow people to pin their work, contributing to their website’s publicity. When you are attributing credit to a pin, it’s good practice to post the original site or blog. However, many people consider pinning as a form of copyright infringement. Therefore, whenever you are pinning make sure you are not infringing any copyright.

2. Making negative comments about pin: Everyone has their own opinion, but that doesn’t mean that you post negative comments for those pins which you don’t like. Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting”via a global platform of inspiration and idea sharing. Hence, if you don’t like any stuff just move on.

3. Not giving credit: People can pin others work on their blogs but they should include a link back to the original site post. People must give credit to the person who did that work.

4. Fake users: People creates spam bots to pin things and make comments on them. These spam bots include links to purchasing sites. These bots are crowding out and ruining Pinterest for everyone. These need to stop.

5. Free advertising: This social networking site is designed to share ideas, not for people to try to make money on every good idea. These free advertising can annoy legitimate users.

6. No link: There is a wide array of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects shown on Pinterest, but many don’t link back to the original blog or website where it appeared.  The same thing happens with pictures of other projects. This makes people annoyed and defeats the purpose of the pin.

7. “Photo-shopped” pictures:  Users get annoyed when they get to know the picture they were considering amazing is nothing but a work of Photo Shop.

8. Arguing in a post: Sometimes commenting on a pin becomes a heated debate rather than a constructive one. This is a really annoying situation. Therefore, if you don’t like the picture move on.  There’s no point in arguing about where it was taken or what it’s a picture of.

9. Misidentification: Misidentification in a picture is a common error which anybody can made. Say you posted a picture of a bird you saw in your back yard that you’ve identified as a blue jay, when it’s really another kind of bird. This is an easy mistake that can be corrected by doing a little research before pinning a picture.

10. Pedophilia:  Apparently there are a lot of photos posted of little girls, and the intent of a mime called Pedobear is to cause other pedophiles to look at the pictures.  Originally it was used more as a way to point out pedophiles and now it’s somehow become a mascot for them.