10 Things That Women Dig In Menís Style

ďHey, hey, good lookin’, Whatcha got cookin’?Ē Hank Williamís renowned song is on every girlís train of thought when they find exactly what they desire in a man.

Men, from a very long era, had elegance and class pinned in their genes. While most fashion did not stick around long enough to see the light of day, some definitely made it past generations and still get our hearts racing.

They say ďManner maketh a man,Ē and we say: That is absolutely rightówith a touch of their personal style.

Men are the most attractive when they don the simplest style. It is so attractive, it messes with our head, and makes our GPS go bonkers. Here are the top ten things women find attractive in menís style.

1. White Shirt and Blue Jeans

Girls, this one is classic. Any man that walks down the road in this outfit is sure to make you look whether you intended to or not. This is forever going to be the perfect definition of class.

There is a hidden charisma in this set. Pair them with vans or sneakers, and that outfit is going to be the bomb. Donít forget to wear your killer cologne too.

2.  Suits

Everyone loved Barney Stinson because of his craze for suits, and he made them look flawless. Suits are to men as Prada are for ladies. Suits have a different language of communication.

A well-fitted suit that has the right color palette to complement your body is something women canít resist. Suits make everyone look great and have the power to bring out their individual charm out.

3. Good Shoes

The very first thing people notice about you is not your face; it is the feet! Itís out of habit, and half the judgments about you are formed based on that. If you have shabby, worn-out shoes, it sort of screams irresponsible.

Shoes that are in great condition reflect your personality. The idea that you care about your image and are a responsible person who takes into account the condition of their shoes is formed.

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4. Watches

Watches have been the second name of style for centuries. Women often find it great to look at a man who has their own sense of fashion. Good, quality watches work as status recognition, too.

Branded watches that you own and wear according to events gives a deeper insight on the kind of person you are. Women really love a man who likes to shine in style.5. V-Neck

Sweaters or shirts with V-Neck shirts really tease the female brain. This has got more to do with perception. V-Necks are carefully tailored around the neck, which is another sweet spot to look at.

When you don a V-neck, it plays with the imagination, complementing your physique and displaying the perfect balance that says relaxed and set for anything.

6. Fitted Jeans

Jeans have an amazing way to turn heads when you walk down the street. The perfect balance is when you wear the one that fits your body structure. Too tight or too loose can be a bummer for most.

Some people wear too-tight jeans, which does not only look odd but also leaves behind the shape of the underwear too. According to Faveable, you should check out how to pair your jeans with the perfect underwear for the best balance.

7. Sweaters

Sweaters in solid colors are a great catch for the eye. Your sweaters shouldnít have any childish patterns on it destroying your look. Having a collection of tasteful sweaters will get you plenty of attention.

During fall and winter, staying warm and fashionable is a challenge.

You can always opt for sweaters that are not heavy but has the fabric sewn properly so it insulates body heat, doesnít need a thousand layers of clothing, and still makes you look great.

8. Shades

The only shade that women are open to is the one that makes your face look great. Shades come in all colors. While itís amazing eyewear, you have to realize what shape and color suit your face.

Nowadays, tacky colors are available and they really are not everyoneís cup of tea.

Figure out the shape of your face and see which shape of glasses makes your face look edgy and highlights your prominent features.

9. Flannels and Rolled Sleeve

Flannel shirts have found its way into the fashion world and are here to stay. What else goes with that? Rolled up sleeves. Women canít help but stare at the sight of that. It is their kryptonite.

Itís a big hit with the ladies because it makes you look approachable. It has a lumberjack aura to it, which means you have done some serious job, but you are a relaxed, cool sort of a person who is open to meeting new people.

10. OverCoat and Scarves

Why are British men popular amongst most women? Itís because of how casual yet formal their outfit can be. Classics have always been classy.

Overcoats that are not too shaggy and scarves that abide by one print of solid checkers make you look dashing for all the right reasons. This says you are laid back and attaches a mysterious vibe.

This look tends to leave the ladies wondering more about you and leaves traces to their imagination. 


Men have a way with fashion when done right. Sometimes they donít even try, and Boom! They have got your heart pounding. In the end, itís all about how they want to perceive themselves.

The secret for men to look attractive isnít how they accessorize themselves, rather how confidently they carry out their brooding, masculine selves.

Most men are able to pull off the Clark Gable persona because of how nonchalant and confident they can be.

Be posh as you have been Ďtil now and let the world have a moment of appreciation for the elegance that befalls the eye.

Author Bio:

Angie Grey, an expert author from Faveable.com brings you all you need to know about fashion and grooming. She loves the outdoors and travels the world like a nomad.

Image Credits: Menís Style from Dejan Stanic Micko/Shutterstock