10 Super Time Saving Secret Browser Shortcuts

How about saving some time while you are surfing the internet, here we have brought 10 most simple, effective and somewhat hidden tips of any browser. Save time online using these crafty keyboard shortcuts, which will work in any browser.

Let us know which of these tips serve you in better browsing or may be any other shortcut which we haven’t listed and you want to share it with our readers.

1. Ctrl+Tab

Switch to the tab to the right of the current one. Press Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch to the tab on the left.

2. Ctrl+Shift+T

Reopen the last-closed tab. An invaluable shortcut if you’ve just closed a tab accidentally.

3. Ctrl+L

Jump to and highlight the address bar, so you can type a new URL or search query. Alt+D and F6 perform the same function.

4. Alt+Enter

Open the location currently displayed in the address bar in a new tab.

5. Ctrl+Enter

Add ‘www’ and ‘.com’ to the beginning and end of a word in the address bar.

6. Ctrl+E

Prepare your browser’s address bar or search box for a new search query. Ctrl+K also works, but not in Internet Explorer.

7. Alt+Home

Depending on your browser, this will either open your homepage or the New Tab page.

8. Ctrl+O

launch the Open box so you can open a file from your hard drive in your browser.

9. Ctrl+J

Open your download history so you can see which files you’ve downloaded and when.

10. Ctrl+Shift+Del

Open a window that lets you clear your browsing history and other data.

Hope you will find these shortcuts useful and handy. Share it with friends and they will love you for the time saving tips while surfing.