10 Simple Tips for Writing Essays in English

Writing Essays

Completing an essay in English, especially at the college level, can either be easy or difficult depending on your skills and writing experience. There are many examples of essay writing tips online, but https://newyorkessays.com/ presents ten simple ideas that if followed, will make you a better writer. These are not free essay samples but tips on how to write an essay that can improve your college grades. They are:

1.     Begin with a Catchy Topic

In most cases, your writing is as good as the topic says. Just ask yourself this question, ďWhat do you first check out for when buying a book?Ē The chances are that you look out for the title. So, in writing an award-winning college essay, your work begins with getting a decent topic. Good enough, there are many free essay topic generators that you can use to arrive at a nice topic. Of course, that would be possible if your topic hasnít been pre-determined.

2.     Make an Outline

You hardly can come up with a fair English essay without first drawing out an outline of it. An essay outline helps you to organize your ideas and connect them logically. Here, you are not concerned with grammar or perfection; your effort is to get the things on your head down on paper. Most essays that read well pass through this stage. The outline will help you to know what to put under your essayís body, introduction, and conclusion. This outline can also be framed for a cover letter, that give a better impression.

3.     Craft your Thesis

In writing essays, it is important to determine what the thesis is. Thesis refers to the main idea your work seeks to project. For instance, suppose you are writing on the harmful effects of aerobic mesophilic bacteria on food items, your thesis could be like this: aerobic mesophilic bacteria poses some harmful effects on foods through its numerous destructive activities. A good thesis will mention the subject title, as well as the summary of the opinion being expressed.

4.     Explore all Options

One good tip on how to write a good essay is to look at the subject matter from all possible angles. The reason for this is that most subjects have more than one side to them. Ask questions; be inquisitive, and give as many examples as possible without deviating from the topic.

5.     Use Topic Sentences

When you are dealing with a topic that has several angles to it, you can easily lose focus if you donít find a means of keeping staying on track. Topic sentences are one way of avoiding needless deviations. They usually come first in a paragraph, and they capture what the entire paragraph is all about.

6.     Proofread your Work

Writing requires that you maintain some levels of astuteness. Remember that you are completing your work in English, a language that has its own rules and grammar. As such, when you have completed your first draft, ensure that you read back and forth to fish out some errors that can rubbish your work. If you are too tired to do this, you can use a grammar checker to correct your mistakes.

7.     Check for Plagiarism

Getting a premium plagiarism checker as a college student is no more an exception; you need it. Professors frown at plagiarism, and it is even a serious academic offense. Letís assume it is not an academic essay you are even writing, isnít it embarrassing to be told by someone else that you have copied their work? So, a way out is to perform a duplicity check on all your writings. Good enough, some of these checkers are free.

8.     Keep Things Simple

For most learners of the English language, one mistake they often make is thinking that being complex in their writings amount to being a good writer. Often, the more simple a text is, the better the outcome. After all, writing an essay is all about passing a piece of information across effectively, right? So whatís the point then, if no one understands it?

9.     Have a friend Critique your Work

If you are not under an examination setting, it is always good to have some feedback on your essay from your friend. They will most likely draw your attention to the things you never saw as wrong or inconsistent while writing.

10.  Keep Writing

One direct answer to the question of how to write a good essay is that you should keep writing. You may never be an expert in this game if you write sparingly or inconsistently. However, with more contests and effort, you gain more insights and techniques in addressing any essay type or topic.

To sum up, essay writing is both an art and a hobby. You need more than just a passion for it to do well. If you keep all the simple tips in this piece to mind when attempting any college essay, you are sure to deliver a good job that will, in turn, fetch you a good grade.