10 Science-Backed Natural Drinks that Men Shouldnít Ignore

Natural Drinks

Who says guys arenít killing it in the kitchen? They are! An increasing number of men admit that they take charge of grocery shopping for their household, as reported by a 2017 study. It is also recorded that three out of four men prepare meals for others. And thatís why you must get the best ingredients Ė not only for health but for the health of the people that dine from your cooking.

This applies not only to foods but to your favorite beverages as well. What you drink affects your health more than you can imagine, from your coffee to your best beer. Thatís why we conducted in-depth research to recommend the best and healthiest natural drinks for men. Their sugar and calorie content are low Ė plus, they are delicious and nutritious.

Red wine

Thereís been a massive debate on whether alcohol can improve an individualís sex life. Some studies suggest that drinking, no matter how moderate, can increase a personís chances of erectile dysfunction. But red wine seems to be an exception because it is rich in Quercetin, a libido-friendly flavonoid. When taken in a moderate amount, quercetin can control blood sugar levels and prevent heart disease. In addition, a study found that drinking red wine in moderation can increase testosterone production. So, thereís no harm in taking a glass or two of red wine. But, of course, there are two sides to all stories, so take it easy and see how things work out.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranates are best described as natureís goodness, all thanks to their anticarcinogenic properties. Pomegranate juice is a healthy drink for men who cannot sustain their erections. Pomegranate juice is enriched with vitamin C and polyphenols. It also increases the growth of facial hair and improves voice quality. In addition, Pomegranate is a superfood that boosts your sex drive and strengthens your muscles and bones.

Vegetable juice

Maybe youíre concerned that your morning coffee isnít doing as well as you expected. Why not switch it for a glass of green juice?

You see, the nutrients contained in vegetables, especially leafy green veggies like spinach and kale Ė are proven to boost energy levels.

Maybe youíre concerned that your morning coffee isnít doing as well as you expected. Why not switch it for a glass of green juice?

You see, the nutrients contained in vegetables, especially leafy green veggies like spinach and kale Ė are proven to boost energy levels.

Vegetables enriched with iron helps deliver oxygen to your body cells and fight fatigue.

Aloe vera juice

According to some studies, aloe vera juice helps to boost testosterone production. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. When you drink aloe vera juice, your sexual energy and libido increase. Aloe vera is also beneficial to health generally.

Goji berry juice

Goji berry is packed with plenty of nutrients. It contains antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and eight essential amino acids. Little wonder then why it is classified as one of the most nutritionally dense foods on earth.

A glass of goji berry juice furnishes your body with the necessary vitamins and a side of profound energy.

Studies have shown that drinking goji berry juice boosts the libido and also results in:

  • Better mental focus
  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased fatigue and stress
  • Improved athletic performance.

Strawberry smoothie

Studies suggest that chocolate and strawberries are perfect for treating sexual problems. Berries improve blood circulation and sexual health. Just do a quick smoothie using nuts, seeds, and strawberries and top it with some shavings of dark chocolate. This will keep you longer under the sheets by boosting your libido. Berry is also rich in antioxidant and vitamin C content which increases sperm count in men.


Water has immense health benefits. For starters, drinking at least two cups of water every morning helps flush out toxins and provides adequate hydration. Whatís more, water can also increase your metabolism.

But what about the sex benefits? Does water help you to last longer in bed? Short answer, YES! Water is your best bud! It keeps you hydrated and boosts your sex drive.

Drinking enough water allows you to enjoy better orgasms. The amount of lubrication also gets better. In addition, water cleanses your system, keeps you tired at bay, and keeps you lasting longer under the sheets.


Milk is another drink that helps you to last longer in bed. Milk is rich in essential nutrients. Have you ever heard of the age-old belief that all men should drink milk on their wedding night? Well, youíre not drinking for the fun of it. Milk increases your sexual vigor and boosts your sex drive. You see, the human body requires plenty of natural fat to produce sex hormones. Milk is enriched with an essential fat that provides vitality. Topping with some freshly grated ginger and saffron will increase your stamina and give you more power while youíre in there.

Watermelon juice

The watermelon fruit contains a lot of water and nutrients. It keeps you hydrated and helps you last longer in bed.

Watermelon is rich in specific amino acids that improve blood circulation to your penis. A sufficient blood supply will give you a better erection and help you last longer in bed. So top up this refreshing drink with your choice of seeds and nuts, and youíre good to go.


There seems to be a lot of hype around flavonoids Ė but too much of a particular flavonoid can be a turn-off when enjoyed excessing.

Green tea contains a flavonoid called epigallocatechin (EGCG). This flavonoid can reduce testosterone levels. Of course, youíll have to drink plenty of it to experience any effects. However, a moderate intake of green tea is highly beneficial, all thanks to catechin. Catechin rids your body of free radicals. Free radicals can damage blood vessels, thus promoting the flow of blood.

And while a milky cup of builderís brew might not seem so romantic, black tea is loaded with all the good flavonoids to boost circulation, manage your blood pressure, and maintain the health of your immune system.

Vitamins also give your libido a boost by enhancing testosterone production. And this helps you to have a healthy body and a great sex life.

Author Bio Edwin Madison is a business lecturer and the founder of No More PE which is a blog dedicated to menís health. He is a dad, music-lover, traveler, and someone who is all set to break social taboos.