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For most of the folks who are our regular viewers have searched us deep into for some specificinformationto know. This is anuncommonway to get the most popular of the searches who made on our wall. We have gathered all the most popular articleswiththeir description and linkage on the web.

It give you a thorough information on How to make fake blood or to quit smoking, How to kiss, if not enough, you may also know How to French Kiss. In the end, don’t forget How to increase your vehicles millage.

1.How to kiss someone

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Kissing in all its forms is an expression of our love towards our beloved. It can be romantic, passionate or even a kiss showing a sign of respect. Without going into lengthy details, We will be focussing upon the romantic kiss in this ‘How to’ :

Steps :

1. ‘Be kiss ready’– keepur lips in good shape, use a good quality lip balm for the general well being of your kissing organs. Oral hygeine is a must. Bad breath would ruin the fun for your partner.

2. The Approach – Your body should speak, not your mouth. Approach your partner, give them a gentle innocent touch to break the touch barrier and move closer to them. Come closer and gently kiss on the cheeks. If they respond positively, you can move a step forward.

3. The Act – As a final step, you would want to make a gentle eye-contact, and then look at the other person’s lips, then again make eye contact with a flirty expression, so that the other person gets the idea of your intentions.

Now, Come closer to them and gently adjust their face to the kissing position by gently by your hands and nudging their face with yours. Pucker your lips slightly and gently touch the other person’s lips with them. Make a gentle eye contact from a distance of 3-5 cm and if everything’s good, you can move ahead for another kiss, and if any one of you feels you had enough for now, just shift away, smile and break the gaze to look elsewhere.

2. How to french kiss

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French Kiss is more passionate form of kissing, and it involves the use of your tongue. It is called so because it is believed that in the beginning of the 20th century, the french people were famous for their passionate sexual practices.


1. Continuing with the above steps, you should hold the face of your partner with your hands gently and bring them closer to you. Now, when close enough, just brush one of their lips with your tongue very slightly, if the partner responds back by toching their tongue with yours’ it’s a Go ahead signal. Otherwise, just pull off. You aren’t ready for a french kiss yet.

2. Open your mouth slightly more and try to push your tongue into your partner’s mouth so that you can touch the tip of your tongue with their’s. Bring out the tongue after a slight contact and then push it in again for a more firmer brushing.

3. How to delete facebook account

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At times we wonder how to delete our facebook account, or a fake profile that you have created. You search and search, but don’t get anything to help you out. Because whenever you tried to delete your account, you ended up deactivating it, with all your personal data still lying in there. That’s irritating.. isn’t it ! Don’t get worried just yet, there is way to go about it. Just read on.


The title link is a a gateway to the account deletion process. Just click on the title of this post and accept the terms and conditions on the facebook page you are taken to, and your account would be slated for permanent deletion. As a precautionary measure, do not login to facebook using the same account for at least two weeks.

4. How to quit smoking

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Smoking is something better left for others to do, it can cause serious health issues which at times go as far as being fatal. We all know that, esp. those who smoke know it better than others. Still, they can’t leave it. There are two factors behind this; Mental and Physical.

It is a scientifically proven fact that if anything is repeated regularly, for 21 days or more, it becomes a habit, or an addiction. So, when we smoke regularly, our subconscious mind notes it as an addiction and propels you to do that in the future. That was the mental part.

Cigarette contains nicotine, a chemical which causes addiction and takes you to a temporary high. So when one tries to quit smoking, the body also suffers trauma, thus causing it even more difficult for the smoker to quit it.

GamePlan to quit smoking.:

1. Be mentally prepared that you are going to finally quit smoking, because it is a bad thing for you. Note down all the possible side effects you can have from smoking viz. It can cause lung cancer, it harms my family, smoking is an unnecessary financial burden on me, etc. and put them safely at a place where you can be constantly reminded about them. Mentally create a picture of the great life you will be having once you quit cigarrette.

2.Seek help from your friends, relatives etc. Tell then that you have decided to quit smoking. In case you have an urge to smoke, tell them to stop you at once or at least to not offer you when they smoke.

3. Destroy all the packets of cigarrette that you have.

4. Take three deep breaths when you have an urge to smoke. This will reduce the anxiety and help to on to the way ahead.

5. Make a piggy bank and drop a 5 rupee coin in it for every cigarrette you have forgone. Wait for a month or so to break the piggy bank. you’d be surprised by the money you have saved once you break it.

6. Take nicotin substitutes, in case the urge is too strong to suppress. They are easily available over the counter on nearly all medical stores. In time you should leave them also.

7.Don’t worry about having failed to do so, even great superstars like shahrukh khan has publicly stated that he would quit smoking soon, but still he is struggling with it. The best part is that at least he is trying to quit it.

8. On each day that passes without a cigarrette, make a note in your calendar. It will give you a sense of achievement, when you’ll look back at it after 30-40 days with so many crosses on it. To make it more interesting, gift yourself for every small milestone, eg. A sexy wrist watch when you get to 15 consecutive crosses, or that pair of RayBan sunglasses that you fell in love with, at the 30th consecutive day. Mind you, you wont be required to keep gifting yourselves throughout your life as it has been proven that after the first 15-20 days, the urge to smoke again drops substantially.

9. Most important part is to follow up. After first few months, the drive to quit smoking will reduce automatically, and then you’d be pleading yourself again for just once cigarrette. Keep that drive under check.

All the best for your journey from a chain smoker to a Zero smoker.

5. How to face an interview

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So you’ve got an interview call and you are just one step away from getting your dream job. Congratulations !! Now we will give you some quick tips so that you are all geared up to be up to the task, edge past the competition and lock in the golden opportunity !

1. Prepare:

The preparation phase includes your grooming and dressing appropriately for the interview, Wearing light cologne and wearing clean shoes is a must. You must also keep additional copies of your Resume handy for the interview.

Researching a lot about the company and the job profile, and getting clear about how that corresponds to your qualifications would help you a lot. This research can very easily be done from your home computer.

2. Practice:

Search online for the possible interview questions related to your job profile. Rehearse them as much as you can before you land up for the interview. Also practice some breathing excercises to keep yourselves calm and remove your anxiety during the interview.
While giving interview, speak slowly and clearly, maintain eye contact, sit straight and dont make any extraneous hand. facial or other body movements. This way you would fake being confident, even if you are actually not.

3.Follow Up:

Within 24 hours of giving the interview, make sure to send a professional thankyou mail to the interviewer. All these small details never go unnoticed and help you in edging out the competion.

All the Best !

6. How to download youtube videos

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So you are a big youtube fan, just like us. Who’ll not be, it is the single largest video sharing platform in the world. But there are many videos that we come across, that are so tempting that we wish we could download them to our pc. But then, when you look around, there isn’t any download option available. Because youtube doesn’t want you to download them. But still there are a few workarounds available to do the same. Read on.

1. Software: The best free youtube download software according to us is ‘YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER HD’ . It even allows you to download 1080P HD videos. It’s highly recommended.

2. Online:There are many websites like Keepvid.com, Savevid.com, Catchvideo.net etc which help you to download videos online without using a software. What’s great is that you can also download videos from websites other than youtube.

3. In-Browser: Cometbird browser can be used to download possibly any and every video that is available on the net. Just use this brower to surf to the page containing the video. play the video, right click on a blank space on the page and go to the option ‘Download Media Files’ and select the file you wish to download. As simple as that. The best thing about using CometBird is that apart from video files, you can also download flash and audio files !

7. How to make fake blood

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You may be planning that zombie look on the next halloween, or you just want to play pranks with your friends, there are times when you want your gags to be life-like and tomato sause wont just do. So what shall you do ? you can make fake blood !!


Red foodcoloring (one cap, 2.5ml, half teaspoon)
Blue foodcoloring (vey small amount on cocktail stick)
Flour (5ml)
Golden Syrup (20ml)


1. Mix 5 ml of flour and 20ml golden syrup in mixing bowl.
2. Add one cap of red food colouring.
3. Dab (very small amount) of blue food coloring and mix it properly.
4. If it’s too pink/orange mix more red.
5. If it’s too transparent add more flour.
6. Put in container and put the cap on to avoid drying.

8. How to give a speech

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The fear of public speaking was rated higher than the fear of death in a recent american online poll. Getting wet palms, shaky voice and trembling feet are a few symptoms that even the greatest of all speakers have experienced at some point in their lives. But they chose to overcome it and became legends.

You can also become a good public speaker by following the below quick tips :

1. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse as much as you can before delivering the speech. The more prepared you are the easier it will get at the time of delivery.

2. Practice in front of a Large mirror to see whether you are doing it the right way.

3. Join a local club, like ‘toastmasters’ for example to meet like minded people and get a regular practice of speaking.

4. Start with a bang. Dont start dull and lousy; the listeners will fall asleep.

5. Learn speech modulations and the use of pause, so that you don’t get autonomous and lousy.

6. Look at the listeners and pretend as if you are giving them a gaze, but don’t get stuck in anybody’s eyes. You may skip a line or two.

7. Ask question, engage the audience.

8. Express through examples and stories; they get much more attention.

9. Keep your body and expressions in check. Be modest with your body language; do not over or under do it.

10. Crack a joke or two, but do not forget to not hurt the sentiments of the listeners.

Have fun guys. Hope I was of some help.

9. How to improve your vehicles mileage

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Petrol prices are skyrocketing these days. And it is a prudent practice to save every drop of it. Here are a few things you can do to bring down your monthly expense on fuel.

1. Keep the vehicle in good condition. Get it serviced at recommended intervals.

2. Drive in the range of 40-60 kmph. Dont drive above 80 kmph.As apart from giving poor fuel economy, it also damages your vehicle.

3. While on highway, try to just follow a truck or other locomotive so as to maintain as much speed as they are. This is because they are always very careful regarding getting the maximum mileage.

4. Turn the engine off on traffic signals.

5. Use the cluch properly. It is a misconception that riding while engaging clutch will save fuel. No, it won’t. It will rather waste your fuel as it is constanly supplied to the engine. It doesn’t matter whether it gets burned or not.

6. Do no accelerate suddenly, it is bad for the mileage as well as the engine.

7. Do not use motor vehicles to go to nearby places. Walk or Cycle insted. Both are good for health and do not cost you money.

8. Keep your tyre pressure at optimum levels

10. How to solve a Rubik’s Cube

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I have wondered since my childhood days, how some of my friends could solve the Rubik’s cube so fast, but I never could. I never could imagine that there could be a systematic way to solving something so random. But yes, there is a way, click on the title for that. Learn it, practice it, and get ready to show off !!