10 Essential Tips To Create Viral Content


Ever since the evolution of blogging; content has been ruling the world of web. Good content is appreciated and spreads virally which helps driving good traffic and makes your blog successful. There are many factors that lead to the success of any blog.

SEO keywords and social networking do play the major role in driving the traffic but as far as the success of the blog is concerned, readers play the dominant role. If your reader loves your content, nothing can stop him/her to share it with others and appreciate your writing.

ĎViral contentí is the content that not only grabs the readerís attention but persuades him to share. In-fact good content spreads virally. Promotions do help a lot but viral content plays the key role. Your blog is a place where you have the freedom to express yourself in numerous ways. Let your fingers to do the magic and generate the content that your readers simply love.

A few days back, I came up with 10 effective ways to be a successful writer. Today, I thought of coming up with tips that will help you create viral content. If you want to do the wonders with your write-up, check out the essentials of viral content that will help you bring perfection in your writing and make your content worth talking about.

1. Passion for writing : The very first factor that contributes in skillful writing is the passion. You should have the zeal to write something creative, something that your readers love. If youíre writing and nobody is reading, your efforts are total waste. Your wholehearted interest in writing will undeniably lead to good write up, worth reading and spreading.

2. Go with the latest trend : In this fast pacing web world, you need to pick the topic smartly. Old irrelevant writeup does not interests anyone. While planning to write, you should actually spend some time in checking out whatís in and what will interest the readers. Pick the topic that matches the latest trend and interests the readers.

3. Knowledge and Research : From selection of topic to the final writing process, each step of your write-up demands for well research. Spend good time in researching the topic well. Knowledge is the key. If you donít have the clear understanding about what you are writing on; simply donít write. Your readers are smart enough to make out how much knowledge about the topic you have.

4. Prefer quality over quantity : Compromise over quality of your write-ups is simply not acceptable. Write less number of articles a day but each write-up should have quality. It should be attention grabbing. In fact, your write up should be magnetizing enough to provoke the reader to stick till the end.

5. Relevant and Engaging Content : Relevance is the most important factor that makes your write-up worth checking out and spreading. Focus on the usefulness of your post to the reader. If the reader is not interested in what your article is all about, he/she would not bother to check it out, spreading and talking about it is simply out of question.

6. Catchy headlines and Scannable post : The headline of your post should give the clear idea of what your post is all about. The catchy headlines helps increase the readership. Besides headlines, scannablility and easy readability of the article is of vital importance.

7. Keep it simple and short : Use simple words that your readers can easily understand. Donít use words that ask your readers to check out the dictionary every now and then. Simple language, concise, to the point information, short paragraphs, interesting write-up is what make the content viral.

8. Check the mistakes : Before you finally publish the article, check for the grammar, spelling or any other mistake if any. Avoid repetition and make sure there is proper sentence formation. Small mistakes can kill the article.

9. Presentation skills : The way you present your write-up matters a lot. Write in simple, concise and engaging manner. Words are the effective means of communication and you should know how to use them effectively.

10. Pro≠fes≠sion≠al≠ism : Lastly, your write-up should portray your professionalism. Silly mistakes, no proper sentence formation, unnecessary information; all can kill your writing. Your reader should be able to judge your professionalism through your writing. If the reader feels lack of professionalism in your writing, itís crystal-clear that he wonít be interested in reading. Acquiring readerís confidence should be your aim.

To summarize, content is the backbone that assures its viral spread. Viral content increases the value of your blog, helps generate traffic, increases the number of readers and brings life to your blog. Follow the tips listed above and make your write-up worth reading and talking about. Be the first one to share your content and leave the rest on your readers. Happy blogging!