10 Creative Things You Can Do With a Vinyl Cutting Machine


Vinyl is one of the most popular materials in the design industry. It’s a form of polyvinyl chloride that offers multiple variations in its properties, including texture and weight.

Additionally, vinyl is also commonly used to brand cars and make prints on a variety of items. While the technique used for its multiple functions may differ, the core principles remain the same.

One of the many uses vinyl offers is through a machine called the vinyl cutting machine, which is designed to cut vinyl by input a cut file in the cutting machine software you are using.

So, how creative can you get with a vinyl cutting machine? Here are 15 amazing things you can do:

Create Home Decoration Motifs

You can amp up your home decoration by cutting out big fonts thick vinyl for colourful motifs which you could either mount on colourful frames or stick to the wall directly. You could select the number of your favourite football player’s jersey or paste the number of your daughter’s age on her bedroom door.

You could indicate where the washroom is by pasting a B or W on its door. You could also use the machine to create smaller fonts for small phrases or sentences such as ‘beware of dog’ or ‘home sweet home’.

Such displays are more suited to the bedroom or the kitchen. You could even add them to the living room provided they blend in with the other decor.

Create Personalized Cups For A Party

You can use your machine to create unique cups for a birthday or dinner party. Use the vinyl to create fonts or sticks and stick them onto party cups. You can even take the cups up a notch by personalising them according to the guest list, with every person attending getting their name printed on the cup.

If you’re looking to personalise cups for a kid’s birthday party, you can add every kid’s favourite superhero or cartoon character to each cup.

Create Custom Prints On T-Shirts

Perhaps the most common use of vinyl, the possibilities with this one are endless. Through a technique called heat transfer vinyl, you can produce high quality and durable prints that can easily last longer than the fabric they’re printed on.

 The possibilities of using vinyl to print a design on your shirt are endless. With the right materials you can have anything printed on your t-shirt.

Design Creative Informative Charts For Kids

You could design creative informative charts for kids and place these in a playroom, study room, or even classroom. Some ideas for informative charts are counting charts, shape charts, and alphabetical charts. You could use these to teach your kids in a fun way.

You could even create charts that contain quotes and slogans from their favourite characters. Heat transfer vinyl comes in a huge variety of colours making it ideal to use for items catering to children.

Make Different Signs

Various kinds of vinyl have varying heat resistant properties and, hence, some types can be used to make outdoor signs. Additionally, you can also make signs for indoor events from vinyl. This kind of signable is quite suitable for places such as hospitals and hotels where the signs can be customized for different directions and hazards.

Create Craft Designs

The vinyl cutting machine isn’t just used to cut vinyl, but it can even be used to cut other materials, such as different plastics and paper, that it’s blades can handle. This machine, hence, is a treasure trove for people who want to explore paper crafts due to the versatility it offers in terms of solutions and ideas.

For this purpose, you can use the vinyl cutting machine to make different paper crafts, such as seasonal greetings cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, and business cards.

Create 3-D Objects

This particular use is more suited to people who know their way around a vinyl machine and isn’t recommended for first-timers. The machine can be used to design and create 3-D structures, such as patterns, as long as the design is created on a computer. It has the ability to mark different areas that have to be folded and then cut off the extra parts.

Make Fun Covers For Laptops and Phones

This particular use has become extremely popular over the last few years. Creating decorative covers for laptops and phones is extremely useful due to the versatility it offers. Cases are usually available with an adhesive side that can stick easily.

These decorative covers are especially useful when you want to promote your corporate brand and give our souvenirs and different events to boost your marketing and brand presence.

Create Accessories For Your Car

Where car accessories are concerned, vinyl can be used in a variety of ways. From creating a sticker such as ‘baby on board’ or ‘learner’, to decorative designs and shapes to give a personal factor to your car, the possibilities in this area are endless.

Additionally, cars also use tint with several layers that has been carefully cut out to create a gradient look of the tint.

Make a Calendar

If you want to make your life more organized, you can always create a calendar with your vinyl cutting machine. Create a dry erase calendar by using a glass and vinyl role. You can add your schedule to it and, since it’s erasable, keep changing it up without any permanent marks.

There is a huge range of things that you can do with your vinyl cutting machine. Whatever you create all depends on the materials available and some creative thinking from your end!

What other ways can a vinyl cutting machine be used? Sound off in the comments below!