10 Brilliant Things to do on the Web this Fortnight

So, what’s new online this month? Yes we have collected 10 of the most exciting and brilliant things which you can do right away on internet and i am sure you’ll love it.

With few new apps and software’s the real surprise is at the end of the post, we have entitled it with the Bonus caption. Let us know which one these 1o things you wanted to do on web right away.

1. Use new Spotify Apps : Spotify has released 13 fantastic new apps that will help you create playlists, read albums booklets and discover more about an artist’s history. The best of them is the Legacy Of, which is like a digital scrapbook about individual artists, contaning photos, playlists, albums, biographies and more.

2. Try BBC Mobile Homepage beta : If you visit BBC on your mobile then you will find a new beta version available. Its so dynamic that is changes itself according to your mobile device.

3. See the Olympic Torch route : During 70 day relay in UK you can now find out where the torch is and from where it will pass. It also includes the information of torch bearers.

4. Add new Chrome themes : Import an image, change color of tabs and give the theme a name, that’s it is that simple to make a new google chrome theme from the new My Chrome Theme web app.

5. Buy Harry Potter ebooks : The first ebook editions of all the seven Harry Potter stories are now available at Pottermore shop. They can be read on 8 devices, including kindle and Sony Reader.

6. Watch iPlayer on Xbox Live : BBC iPlayer has finally appeared on the Xbox Live, three years after it was frist proposed. The delay was caused by Microsoft has changed its mind, letting viewers watch programmes on the iPlayer for free. If you have Kinect, you’ll be able to control programmes using your voice and gestures.

7. Find an Easter Egg Trail : They might be called ‘trails’ rather than hunts, but Cadbury’s Easter Egg activities are good family fun. To find which of the 250 events are near to you, just enter your postcode

8. Use Youcam Windows 8 app : Cyberlink’s YouCam Metro app, free from the Windows 8 Beta Store, lets you add lots of effects to videos and photos captured on your webcam. Using the app’s stunning TrueTheater technology, you can change the lighting of an image with one click.

9. Play a rally game in Google Earth : In this superb multiplayer rally game, you drive around the Sahara Desert, racing again the clock to beat other driver’s times. It’s also available through a Chrome web app

10. Bitdefender Mobile Security Android App : The free version contains a malware scaner, which checks anything you install, including updates to apps and email attachments. Bitdefender’s Anti-theft tool is worth checking out, it comes with annual subscription.

Bonus – Photoshop CS6 Beta : The new beta version of photoshop is available as a free download from adobe labs, so you can get a sneak preview of its new tools and interface. You can give Adobe your thoughts on the beta by posting comments in the company forums.

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