000Webhost Review

When it comes to hosting a website, we look for different hosting services and search for the one which fulfils our requirement. For new people launching their website, it is always good advice to start small with a simple and good performing shared hosting account which is not only cheap but also quite easy to maintain. In case of experienced people, they donít hesitate when the complicated question related to choosing hosting service lay ahead of them. So, the questions arise whether the bandwidth or disk storage features matter or can the web hosting service host any number of websites along with providing unlimited themes. There is also the question of feature dedicated hosting or is it upgradable or hosting free. There are a plethora of things that can go wrong in case you fail to select a reliable and trustworthy web hosting service.

Along with this, if a person plans to grow at good pace in the next upcoming years then it is

Better to think about long-term and consider choosing the hosting provider which offers the room to grow from shared hosting to dedicated server or private server. This also takes care of various aspects such as more processing power, disk storage, memory capacity and better security features. But in case of shared hosting websites, they are generally sold very cheap when you sign up, but when it comes to renewal, you are charged way too much. Customers often hoop between different website hosts every couple of years in order to avoid the pricey market. Letís think that you have a WordPress website, then you will require WordPress web hosting which can be shared, but in future, when your website grows, you may require additional features and upgrading and renewal can cost you a lot.

Here we will discuss a reliable web hosting service which is powered by Hostinger and known as 000webhost.com. Hostinger has been in business for 14 years. It is first free cloud hosting provider in the world which is built upon the technology of cloud data AWX technology which provides most recent and latest UX cPanel for better and fast website publishing along with free third level domain hosting as well as many things.



Now, letís look at various features and characteristics of 000webhost service and its capabilities along with what type of service it offered in order to make the customers have unparalleled experience of their website hosting.

  1. Among the most important features, the most attractive and impressive feature is its flexibility to run both PHP as well as MySQL from a free account. With some level of expertise in the field of website building, the customers can easily utilize this particular feature using WordPress and uploading files. Customers who have free accounts are eligible to receive two databases along with their management as well as without any size limitations. The PHP scripts are then used to send out emails automatically

However, there can be some restrictions when it comes to WordPress users and WordPress hosting. But one can easily add their own choice of plugins, themes and widgets.

  1. Another key feature of this hosting service is ease of website building. When it comes to website building, it is made quite easy to use an easy website builder which is quite useful for the users who donít have an extensive amount of technical knowledge. This website builder or editor is present on Zyro.com, and it is quite easy to choose the templates as well as arrange the components along with adding content of the text, share button, YouTube videos, pictures and other related content. It is a simple drag and drop editor and arrangement of components on default standard pages of the templates on the particular basis of how a person wants the layout of the website to be actually defined. For users who have knowledge of CSS and even a bit of exposure, it is quite easier as well as flexible to manage as they can easily change the font, colours, size or text by simply and directly updating the HTML/CSS code. Various styles with different rendering options can easily be added as well as edited for various types of devices which helps in setting the website to a mobile-friendly website. You can also install websites, e-commerce shops or blogs using 1 Click installer with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal as well as many other. Free WordPress hosting is another of its key features.


  1. For the customers who have signed up for a free account, this hosting service offers the flexibility to create a website using its easy to use website builder, direct uploading or WordPress. Free hosting WordPress makes it even more alluring. Along with the website builder, the user is also provided with 10GB of bandwidth along with 1000MB of disk space which is quite great for websites which is not planning to post a lot of images which are huge.

Along with this, cPanel provides the ability to the users to manage the website as well as manage backups along with databases, emails, files through a webpage and FTP accounts. Also, the files are backed up automatically every month or for getting better security the user can schedule backups of databases and websites.

With all this, 000webhosting offers a free account that comes with 5 email addresses which can easily be used to setup webmail, POP3 or forwarding. Various services like SMTP access, auto-responding and spam filtering are also supported with the free account offered by this service.

free features


After you have established a relationship with this service, they offer you with every assistance that you may require. The users who opt for free registration can easily post their questions or search similar queries on the forum and then get assistance from its active community which is a phenomenal way to help and also help others with different issues.



The users can always choose the option of upgrading their website to a paid website at any instant where their paid account is then bundled with a free domain. The top tier customers can also buy additional domains where they are offered with more flexibility to run unlimited websites as there is no caps on disk space or bandwidth. Also, there is no limit of two databases. With all this, it is supported with 99.9% uptime as well as 24 hours live chat support along with SSL certificates. There are two separate paid plans where one is $3.49 per month the premium- Silver Hosting Plan and the other one is $7.95 Business- Gold Hosting Plan. Each of them has their features which can easily be opted depending on the requirement of individualís website.


000webhost is a great hosting service especially for those looking for a reliable hosting service as well as free web hosting WordPress. It has all the great features which fulfil the requirement of users of different sections. It has easy to use website builder, and it provides active support with its active community. It offers great uptime and phenomenal upgrade plans. We suggest that you should definitely consider this when you are looking for great hosting service. Let us know about your views regarding our review and comment in the section below.