6 Ways On How Internet Of Things Will Impact Your Life

“Internet of Things” is the talk of the town and for good reason! Analysts claim that IoT can change the way we live and simplify our lives to a great extent.

Some of the biggest names and largest tech behemoths have come together to make the Internet of Things a reality, something that can indeed get a plethora of otherwise dumb devices working together!

Read on to know how to do things with IoT which simplifies human living. You will be pleasantly surprised!

IoT aims at increasing the number of connected things in our lives so that we all become more in tune and sync with our own data and will be able to establish personal interactions with our preferred brands and retailers. This also means that marketers will have to establish a trust among its customers and consumers in order to garner tailored offers and deals.

Smart phones will become an integral part of everybodyís life and act as a remote control to their lives. It is these smartphones that will become every personís portal into the ecosystem of IoT and a key point in connecting the dots in the internet of things world.

Here are the changes that we can envision making its way into our lives- some rather obvious, some quite bewildering.

Tuning your car: Machines will begin to speak to each other and you will never have to worry about missing an oil change. Your truly small car will be capable to reach out to your pre-designated car mechanic when it is time for a tune up, or when it needs an oil change or even when it is due for its annual tune up. You will never need to worry about checking tire pressures or checking your calendar to know when what is charted. All this information will be available to you at the click of a button!

Monitoring and maintaining your health: When a prescription you are on is running out, your smart phone will make an appointment with your doctor through the connected Rx bottles. †Even the doctors and physicians will be kept up to date on how often and regularly, their patients are taking their medication. This is not all! Vital stats such as blood pressure levels and sugar levels can be monitored remotely through IoT.

Grocery Shopping: This is something you will love! Smart refrigerators will be able to sense when you are running low on essentials like eggs and milk and automatically populate your grocery list and prompt you. Even stores will be able to push reminders to add groceries to your list based on your purchasing trends. And when you step out for shopping, reminders will be pushed to you so that you pick up everything that you need and do not have to make a dreaded second trip to the crowded mall.

Energy consumption: Most of us get a heart attack when we get our energy bills each month. And, despite our continual efforts to bring down our energy bills, we fail to do so. With IoT, you will never have to worry about a high energy bill again. High energy consumption devices and appliances in the house will be able to adjust based on price signals which in turn will help lower your electric bill. Even the lighting and thermostats in your home will learn your habits and attune themselves to create an optimal setting based on your living habits. For example, these gadgets will sense when no one is at home and auto turn off and heat up to the ideal temperature just before your regular arrival time.

Driving in the city: Driving will get a lot easier and safer with Internet of things. The traffic lights and signals will learn to adjust to real time traffic situations unlike the present programmed set up. When an emergency vehicle is approaching the traffic lights will adjust itself, to give it way. Sensors of the roads will also make changes to speed limits based on weather and communicate to directly to your dashboard. You will know when to expect a traffic jam, alternate routes, ice around the corner etc.

Morning alarms: We often wake up late only to be welcomed by a jammed road and invariably get delayed to work. With Internet of things, you will never have to skip an important early morning meeting. The traffic on the route you take to work will affect the time your alarm goes off. For example, if there is an accident on your usual route to work, your alarm will go off early so that you have the time to navigate an alternate route. Alternate routes will also populate on your dashboard to make things all the more easy. Whatís more? Your coffee machine will also be in the loop so your hot cup of coffee is ready, when you dash out the door!

From helping you monitor your baby, to revolutionizing what your wear-ables do, Internet of things is set to simplify your lives in a way you have never believed possible. For now, all we can do is to brace ourselves and wait to see what IoT has to offer!