Should You Buy a Woman at a Bar a Drink?

Woman at a Bar

The best ways to get a woman you’ve recently met in a bar to give you her undivided attention for a few minutes are either to fake an epileptic seizure or tobuy her a drink.

Needless to say, the drink-buying option is quite popular. But how popular?

We want to know how quickly you go for your wallet when you spot a lady you fancy in a drinking establishment. Our friends from Loveawake dating site shared with us the pros and cons of renting a little bit of a woman’s time by buying her a social lubricant.

Make the Offer

It’s a good value
The average price of a drink one buys for a girl in a bar is around $6. While this purchase certainly won’t guarantee the relationship of between four hours and a lifetime that you desire, it does offermuchbetter value than other things men buy to improve their chances with the ladies: fancy cars,noxious colognes, etc.

It spreads happiness
When you offer to buy a woman a drink (in a non-creepy fashion), it makes her happy. Even if she turns you down because she has a significant other — and/or would rather you just go away so she can continue drinking chardonnay and gossiping with her friend — you have still made another person’s day a little bit brighter.

It keeps them coming back
If we don’t give women extra incentive to come to bars — in the form of free drinks and attention — we’re going to have start meeting girls at embroidery classes.

Keep Your Money in Your Wallet

Think of all the liquor it wastes
Drinks bought for girls are very often not finished. Wasting perfectly good alcohol should be a crime in a land where so many bums are forced to imbibe mouthwash to make it through their wretched days.

Enough with all this buying stuff for women
Did you know that in ancient times (and still in some other cultures), a woman’s father would pay a man a good chunk of money to marry his daughter? OK, so we are obviously not going back to that, but the least the ladies could do when they come across an eligible suitor is to buyhima drink every once in a while.

Separate yourself from the crowd
Anybody hopped up on liquid courage can ask to buy a pretty lady a cocktail. If you have what it takes to hold a long conversation with a girl you just met at a bar without extending the offer of free alcohol, she has to be intrigued by you, at the very least.