Paper Box Making : Masu Box with Functional Simplicity

Paper box making to get a Masu Box has a functional simplicity. All you require is a square piece of paper. The finished box looks like a great hiding place for personal treasures.

With a pair of boxes, you can use one as the box and the other as a lid to wrap small gifts. Read on to learn how to make a folded paper box to become an absolute expert.

Structural Folds
Creating Walls of the Box

Paper Box Making : Structural Folds

Start with square piece of paper. Use origami piece of paper diagonally from the corner to the opposite edge with no excess. It is key factor that the paper is square for creating a box. A trick is to fold paper like a sail on a boat and cut the excess paper.

Fold in half. Crease the fold with finger to open the piece of paper.

Fold in half along the other side. Use fingers to crease the fold to open the paper to get two creases intersecting at the center of the square.

Fold corners to the center of the paper. Bring every corner to the center to touching. Crease the folds with finger and rotate the paper so it sits squarely in front but don’t unfold it this time.

Fold the top and bottom edges to the center of the square. Crease the edges of both folds and secure them.

Unfold the square along any one side. Unfold the halfway folds and the triangles beneath the folds. Let the side triangles folded in.

Fold long edges to the center. Fold over the bottom of the still folded triangles and crease the bottom edge to look like a necktie with two points.

Paper Box Making : Creating Walls of the Box

Reinforce creases. The diamond which is furthest away from your side formed by the “necktie” folds will be the “head”. The diamond closest will be the “foot.” Match the bottom tip of the foot diamond to the bottom of the head diamond and similarly match the tip of the head to the top of the foot. Crease along the long sides to solidify the folds.

Create side walls of the box. Pull up the flaps along the long side for creating the side walls of the box.

Construct the head wall, while the side walls are assembled. While lifting the head wall flap, the creases from previous folds should form two triangle shaped flaps to fold inwards. Ensure triangles are folded inwards before proceeding further. The head wall will fold over triangle corners and the top triangle of the head wall will fit into the bottom of the box. Crease it snugly against the sides to keep the box together. After creasing check for the triangle on the bottom of the box.

Repeat the procedure for the opposite end. Try to ensure the folds are clean and not crinkly done to finish paper box perfectly.