Mother of the Bride: Wedding Outfit Ideas That Wow

Wedding Outfit Ideas

Your daughter’s wedding dress is part of her big day, but there’s limelight left for you as the mother of the bride. Traditionally, mothers dress to feel comfortable and elegant and to make their daughters proud. These ideas will help you stand out from other wedding guests while feeling comfortable and attractive.

Lovely in lace

Lace is always trendy, and it disguises a less than perfect figure while adding traditional charm. Forget lavender-scented, black-lace-garbed grannies. Rather, think of figure-hugging, knee-length lace dresses. Refined color combinations include black and white, pale blue and white, and navy blue and pearl.

Ruche it up

Graceful, sleeveless, crossover ruche-front dresses are attractive and forgiving. Oyster pink and cream, silver-gray and white, or pale gray satin with a white lace wide belt are chic choices. Combine your dress with silver accessories for a polished appearance.

Fifties flair

Fifties-style dresses that hug the upper body and flare at the waist are trendy. Combine a rose and cream patterned dress with a matching bolero, hat, and shoes for a streamlined appearance. Alternatively, team a gold lace, fifties-style flared dress with gloves and a wide-brimmed hat.

Refined embroidery

Why not opt for a knee-length, block-colored dress with an embroidered panel for panache? Or a boat-necked embellished top with a thin belt and matching skirt? Just make sure it’s made from a beautiful material like satin and comes in elegant colors like pale green and cream. Regular daywear material like cotton won’t impress.

Tips and tricks

Spending oodles of money on an outfit doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look fabulous on your daughter’s wedding day. Excellent mother of the bride costumes share similar qualities, even though they may appear different and vary in cost. Ensure your chosen outfit fits the bill, and you can’t go wrong.


Elegant mother-of-the-bride outfits are made from sumptuous, dense, rather than skimpy, materials. Also, separates are made from materials that complement the rest of the outfit. Thus, silk and chiffon work well with velvet, organza, and satin, but you wouldn’t combine leather or suede with silk.


Traditionally pastel is the way to go. However, you can wear dark colors combined with light, hence black and white, to make a striking impression. Rather than sweet pastels, try pearly color ranges for a touch of luxury. Silver-gray, muted rose, and antique gold add a well-heeled edge to outfits compared to loud colors.


Accessories that go with an outfit can make or break it, so select wisely. Matching always works wonders, pulling your ensemble together and GS Diamonds australian jewellers can help you with your choice. Use similar colors throughout, so if your dress is pink and white, wear a similar color hat and shoes. Also, carry a matching bag to hold essentials like handkerchiefs and your camera.

Consider jewelry to complement your wedding outfit too, and whether you will wear gloves or a fascinator rather than a hat. Likewise, deliberate the likely weather of the day. Do you need a jacket as well as a bolero, perhaps?

Plus, tuck a silk scarf in your handbag—you may stand outside while multitudes of wedding photographs are taken, and something to keep the chill off your neck will be handy.

At the same time, it will be a long day; keep a pair of attractive, comfortable, flat shoes in your bag. You can pop them on during the evening celebrations if your feet ache.

You want to wow guests as a tribute to your grown-up little girl on her wedding day, so let rip and shine. Choose an outfit that makes you feel and look like a million dollars.