How to Make Your Dog and Your Baby BFFs

Dog and Your Baby BFFs

There is a popular belief that a family dog poses a threat to the baby-to-come. There are various theories. From people saying that dogs get so jealous because they will no longer be the center of attention that they could actually harm the baby to the fear of all the germs a dog brings and what they might do to the newborn, many people are reluctant to have both the dog and the baby simultaneously. However, all this hearsay is not exactly fact-supported and it should be eliminated. The truth is that dogs are beneficial to newborn babies in multiple ways and if the situation is handled well, the doggo will just be another loving figure in the child’s life.

Eliminate fear

The first and most important action you need to take is to create a safe and encouraging environment for the development of the relationship between your dog and your baby. The reason some babies cry when they are introduced to dogs is because the parents or someone around them panicked when it was time for making contact. Both dogs and babies will feel any fear or constraint you may have when it comes to their contact. There is absolutely no reason for your dog to attack your baby. You just need to introduce them in a nice and loving way and help both of them see the role of the other one in the family. The first contact is essential and it should be done properly in order for the relationship to grow.

What about germs?

The story of dogs’ germs being harmful to kids is a myth. Actually, being exposed to these germs builds children’s immune system and makes them more resistant to various germs in the future. Doctors are starting to recommend that parents get a dog before the baby comes as the health benefits of living with a dog are most efficient during the first three months of the baby’s life. They are particularly significant when it comes to preventing asthma and allergies. On the other hand, you should try to keep your dog healthy at all times and organize regular visits to the vet. Moreover, make sure your doggy has good nutrition and proper protection against ticks, flees and other pests. You should have a good source of No Rx dog supplies, so you can take these prevention and treatment products as soon as you need them without having to go to the vet every once in a while to get a prescription.


Don’t put your dog on the sidelines when the baby comes. Include your little furry friend in as many activities as you can. They need to keep feeling like part of the family, which they are, naturally. However, you’ll need to think of a set of rules you want to have. Of course, only non-violent methods are recommended both for the dog and the baby. Have treats prepared to reward good behaviour and try to make yourself clear with all members of the family. Sometimes you’ll have to be very strict in order to honour the rules. If you feel like the rule is important, stay disciplined and don’t cave. If you do cave, it will be the end of all attempts to bring order into your life and you’ll just end up in chaos.

Joint activities

In order for any relationship to work, all parties must be engaged and willing to try hard. Since this particular situation doesn’t involve very conscious and rational participants, you have to be the one to do the heavy lifting. In that respect, you should think of games and toys that can connect your baby and your dog in a game. Entertain them and show them how to play together. Also, take them for walks together and try to have them spend as much time together as it makes sense.

This may seem like a challenging task, but most babies and dogs click instantly and they don’t require that much effort to bond. Most of these things happen naturally. Your most important job is to create a positive atmosphere for this relationship to grow and make sure the whole family has the same positive attitude when it comes to the subject.