How to clean your e-cigarette


A grimy e-cigarette doesnít only look awful it effects the hit you get from your device. If cleaning your e-cig is a task that you commonly avoid or one you simply donít know how to do, nowís the time to follow our how to guide and get your device back into top condition.

No matter how careful you are, your e-cig is going to get dirty. Like anything else you use every day, it will pick up dust and dirt on the surface, which may seep deeper into the device. Whether dirt has surrounded your battery or is clogging the coil, it can severely impact on your vaping experience. An unclean e-cig can affect the flavour of the vapor, the quality of the vapor and hit, and can even be a safety concern.

Another bonus of regularly cleaning your e-cig is that youíll help to extend the lifespan of the different components Ė saving you cash.

Itís a good idea to give your e-cig a quick clean frequently to stop dirt gathering on the surface. For a deeper clean, where you take the device apart, itís a great idea to get into the habit of doing it every time you need to change the coil, which will be around every two weeks or so, depending on how regularly you draw from it.

Looking for a step-by-step e-cig cleaning method thatís easy to follow? Weíve got you covered with our simple to follow guide.

1. Take apart your e-cig
You want your tank to be empty and the atomizer dry before you start the cleaning process, so choose your time wisely. Carefully dissemble your device completely, including removing the atomizer head or coil from within the tank, separating everything apart and setting them aside to be cleaned individually.

2. Wipe down the body
The body of the device is typically exposed to the elements and even if you keep it within a case most of the time itís still going to pick up dirt and grime over time. You simply need to give it a quick wipe down with a paper towel to remove built up dust and any spilt e-liquid that may have gotten on to it. If your device is particularly grimy or you really want to freshen it up, you could use rubbing alcohol too.

3. Clean up your battery
The battery is an integral part of your e-cigarette and built up dirt can stop it from working as effectively and even mean that it wonít connect. Make sure that youíre gentle with the battery to avoid damaging it. The best way to clean it is using a cotton swab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

4. Focus on the tank
Effectively cleaning your tank is important for both hygienic reasons and for a better taste. Thoroughly rinse the tank with clean water and shake out as much excess liquid as possible. Both the tank and atomiser can get sticky very quickly from vaping so you might need to use a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol if gunk has built up. Make sure you remember to thoroughly clean, and soak if necessary, the mouth piece too.

5. Clean or change your coil
If your coil and wick are ready to be changed you can simply throw them away and use a new one when it comes to reassembling your e-cig but you can clean the atomizer coil if itís a rebuildable one too if necessary. Remove and throw away the wick Ė you wonít be able to get this part back into top condition. You can then soak your coil in rubbing alcohol, overnight is best, to loosen the residue from e-liquid, allowing you to rinse away the built-up gunk.

6. Let your components air dry
After cleaning each part of your e-cig itís best to let them air dry naturally. Donít put the components back together until theyíve dried completely or you could risk damaging the parts or causing a safety issue.

7. Reassemble and add your juice
Once dry, simply put all the parts back together, reversing how you took them apart in the first step. Add your chosen e-liquid to the tank and leave it to rest for at least a few minutes, allowing the wick to absorb some of the juice, before you draw from your device and enjoy the clean, fresh flavour and hit.