Holiday Shopping Ideas for Dad

Shopping Ideas

Dad has been the one who has provided with stuff since we were born. From video games, baseball gloves, study advice, personality lectures or advice on life. How about you give something back to your dad this holiday? With the holidays coming, which is also the gift-giving season, you can take it as an opportunity to gift your dad something useful and thoughtful. Even though it won’t ever even out the balance, but then you are still a kid to your kid. You will always remain in debt to him and all of his great wisdom.

So, considering the personality of your dad and his favourite hobbies, and other things that he likes to own or activities he likes to do, you can pick the right gift for your dad. In order to avail these gifts, you can also use Score free Gift Cards. Here are some of the best holiday shopping ideas for dad. Let’s have a look.

1. Desert Boot

If your dad loves to work outside, then you can surely buy him work boots. However, they don’t actually transition to casual wear. So, in this case, you can buy him Clarks Desert Boots which are well-built for hot weather and are quite versatile enough to wear in other seasons too.

2. Whiskey Glasses

If your dad loves to have a nice glass of whiskey at the end of the day, then you can buy Whiskey Peaks’ set of four different glasses, each modelled after different American Peak.

3. Headlamp

If your dad loves to work on his car, spend hours in his garage fixing things etc. then headlamps can be the best. Iota headlamp can certainly make things quite easy for him and will remind him of you whenever he is tirelessly working to fix things.

4. Bonfire Fire Pit

Rather than futzing around with a huge pile of soggy logs or being stuck to same old fire pit which your dad has been using for all the years, while you were growing up and never got a chance to replace it, you can gift him a stainless-steel fire pit which emits less smoke in comparison to its other counterparts.

5. Barn Jacket

If your dad likes to camp outside, go fishing or hunting, or just spend some time at his cabin, then you can buy him water-resistant, tough outerwear along with a stylish ensemble maker. He will certainly wear often in case of blustery weather.

6. Hide and Seek Wallet

Its time your dad should get rid of bulky wallet, which is often crammed with different grocery store membership cards. Give him a slim wallet for storing all the required items like five to twelve cards and bills, in a discreet fashion.

7. Everyday Backpack

It’s like a Swiss Army knife of the regular backpacks and comes with different flexible dividers which he can use to keep his laptop, tablets, camera, notebooks, clothing and other gear, in an organized manner.

8. Retro Wingtip Sunglasses

If your dad doesn’t believe in tacky eyewear and only choose no-nonsense one, then get him retro wingtip sunglasses which have a black frame that will feel natural to him.

9. Coffeemaker

If your dad is actually a coffee aficionado, then you can gift him a fancy coffee maker that will certainly appear exceptional and appealing on the kitchen counter will making brilliant coffee.

10. Bold Watch

Most probably, your dad will be having years’ worth of old watching lying around, maybe since his high school graduation. You can change the mood by gifting him a bold watch which combines the minimalism with highly futuristic detailing which he can keep it as a modern update to his timepiece collection.

11. Bigger Carry-On

If your dad is a frequent traveller and needs to update his current carry-on, then get him an uber-lightweight suitcase which comes with more room in order to fit all of his things. You can also choose Away carry-on, which comes with the option of an ejectable battery which acts as a power source for charging his devices.

12. Wallet Notebook

If there is anything perfect for writing, keeping track of things, making a list etc., that your dad needs it handy and close, is a wallet notebook which he can keep in his wallet. Dads who haven’t gone digital completely will certainly like its aesthetics.

13. Cigar-rolled Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs still remain to be quite an old school, but they are useful even today. It takes a particular type of man to appreciate the custom made products like cigar-rolled handkerchiefs. You can certainly gift this to your dad on this holiday season.

14. Dash Cam

If your dad is totally in love with his car, and you want him to remember you whenever he drives, then gift him a Dash Cam which he can use to record every bump, jolt or any unexpected movement and save it.


These are some of the holiday shopping ideas for dad that you can try. Each one of them is well-thought-out as per the popularity of these items among the dads. If we have missed anything or you like us to add another item that you think is worth adding in this list, then mention it in the comment section.

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