Health-Boosting Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

These are truly tough times – and we mean in all aspects. While tech keeps our sanity in check in the height of cabin fever, there are other parts of our overall health that need constant attention. This goes for us, our family, friends, and loved ones who we miss getting together with. How about sending some TLC their way to boost their health and mood?

Here are some healthy gift ideas you should add to your online cart right away:

Healthy Gift Baskets

We sure do have a lot of celebrations to make up for with the people dear to us! For starters, how about sending them a fresh fruit basket with guilt-free gourmet treats and drinks inside? When you do, youíre looking after their physical well-being in a delicious way! How about showing some appreciation to your frontliner pals with one of these from Jet Gift Baskets?


Gift an iOS or Android game, avatar skins, in-game currencies, a new video game to break-in that old console, or a fun family board game to get their fingers moving. Some escapism from reality could be a good mental exercise to better manage stress and anxiety. Itís definitely fun, too!

Workout Gear

A paid workout app, an exclusive online session with a personal trainer, yoga mats, dumbbells, jump ropes, and the like – encourage your people to keep the active lifestyle up with these engaging gift ideas! Daily low-impact exercises can normalize blood circulation at a time when we are only allowed to do limited activities outside.

Books or Journals

Let minds travel the world though we canít right now! Books (and even e-books) are fascinating all year round – itís just a matter of picking something that will pique the interest of your intended recipient. Pair them up with a journal to exercise the hands, eyes, and mind. Writing down thoughts also promotes good mental and emotional health.

Looking after othersí welfare is health-boosting in itself. Thereís no harm in treating yourself to these wellness essentials too. Donít forget to be extra watchful of yourself and the people you value most especially at a time like this!

Which are you considering to bag? Any other ideas? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!