Few Gorgeous Lighting And Decor Ideas This Diwali

The wait is over, Diwali is just around the corner and preparations for Diwali have already started. Home Decor, whitewash, lighting, shopping, Sweets and food delicacies’ preparation. The best part of Diwali is decorating your home with gorgeous and dazzling lighting and spectacular decor. Every year for a tradition, we customarily invest in traditional Diyas to light up our houses. So while you are still figuring out how to make your house stand out and look attractive. Here are a few new-age Lighting and Decor ideas This Diwali that can make your house look beautiful.

Evergreen Diyaas

Diwali cannot be called complete without Diyaas or Deepak. These Diyaas or earthen lamps are synonymous with Deepavali. For the victory of the good over evil.

Creative Rangoli

Rangoli is treated as a shagun for any good thing or festival. It can be made from flowers or rangoli colors as well. There are many creative and beautiful ideas by which people make rangoli. In many parts of our country, Rangoli making gets started one month prior to Diwali.

Credits: Rangoli

You can place designer Diyaas on Rangoli and pretty clay handicrafts to make your Rangoli more beautiful and attractive.

Diwali Torans

Diwali Torans are not only hanging decorative pieces, but they also have an auspicious element to it. You can make toran from recycled items and make your house look more organically charming. Lord Ganesha is considered as Shubh Shagun in India and can be used as wall hangings to reflect more authentic charm to it.

Rice Lights

These colorful lights are traditionally used for decorating the garden and walls and exteriors. People also use them as curtain lights or on windows to create shimmering effects.

Beautiful Home-made Chandeliers

Tying up of string lights to a hula hoop and then hanging it from the ceiling not only makes it an amazing decoration piece but brings an amazing replacement to the standard chandelier that you might be using. Its very simple to make and literally costs nothing at all. 

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