Digital Journal : Reasons, Tips and Ways to Keep it

Digital Journal is a new craze these days as people find it more space saving, paper saving, and easy to carry. It must be encouraged to let your inner thoughts and opinions on an event, issue, or happening in your day-to-day life.

Let’s endulge ourselves in the skill of writing our heart out. For this, following are a few reasons, tips and ways to carry the digital journal are given for your help.

Great Reasons to Keep a Journal

While it is always easy to recognize the vitals of habit, many of us still struggle to find the motivation to pursue the art of Journaling. The following small steps towards it might motivate keepers.

Use Journaling for Reflection of Persona

Much scientific research proves that keeping a journal can be beneficial to your health. A detailed study found that people who frequently wrote down their emotions and thoughts experienced more significant reductions in anxiety, stress, and depression-like symptoms. It is healthy to know that we have Something like Journaling that can give us the ability and attitude to unload a little bit of our load. It can be anybody for us to talk to, with whom we can be honest.

Use Journaling to a Record feelings

This is quite important for family history keepers. Were touched when we read the feelings and thoughts of the ancestors whom we may have never met, are a part of us, and responsible in a way for who we are today. When I look back to all the journal entries in history I have created, I have high confidence, I sleep well at night knowing that my children have access to the most important things that Ive learned and tried to set down for them. And so it brings great peace of mind.

Use Journaling to Discover Creativity

Even if you are not a great writer, you must make a goal to write in a journal. You will find that writing improves your ability to write when you remain consistent, and the ability to process and communicate complex ideas will increase in due course. Writing about experiences that you had helps you internalize and analyze them. Youll begin to see situations and opportunities in ways that you may not have earlier recognized. Writing about events that happen to you, therefore, can help discover new solutions to problems that you may be face or will be facing.

Always have Something to Leave Behind

We know that no one lives forever, but Something is comforting in your thoughts that our words can still be there long after we are gone. The opinions and feelings that we record have the potential to outlive us and influence people and generations to come. With that in mind, take time to write down your specific values, beliefs, and wisdom that you want others to know.

Use Journaling to Track Personal Development

Life is fast-paced. We get so often caught up in the hustle and bustle of full calendars and forget to appreciate the small things in life that have helped shape who weve become. Writing in a journal allows us to step back from our busy lives and see the improvement weve made in becoming better employees, spouses, and parents.

Tips to Improve Your Journaling Habits

Journaling, when done correctly, can be one of the most satisfying personal accomplishments. Writing down your feelings and thoughts can help free your mind, uncover creativity, and unleash yourself to give time for reflection of yourself in Digital Journal. Obstacles like not knowing what to write about, limited time, or feelings of inadequacy often prevent us from preserving personal or family memories.

There have been dozens of helpful tips on implementing proven journaling principles into your daily routine. Weve summarized three of his suggestions here.

Tip 1: Define your Success in Journaling

Take some moments to think about what successful Journaling feels like to you personally. It means writing once a week or once a day. Maybe you must have a goal to write a particular length and a topic or aspect or life events. Whatever the case may be, allow these standards to be your goal, and dont give heed to other predefined recipes of Digital Journal success.
While its better to learn the techniques of people who are successful journalers, dont feel pressurized to copy their approach. Take the right advice or ideas from others, break and mold it to make it work best for you. When you have a definition of what the success is, you have something real that youre working towards thats based on your preferences, desires, and what you want to accomplish in your life with Journaling.

Tip 2: Try every new thing

Journaling is not just filling a blank notebook with your daily activities. Dozens of new erupting methods and brilliant mediums exist that you can use to be a successful journaler, all thanks to the internet and social media.

Tip 3: Something is better than nothing.

Always Remember it. You can win half of the journaling battle by just getting started. Once thoughts begin taking the form of words in Digital Journal, you will find that you have become more pro in writing than you realized, you were earlier. Rather than being pulled down by obstacles to Journaling, keep a positive mindset, and keep in mind that book is always better than writing nothing.

Ways to Keep a Digital Journal

Lets now look through different mobile apps and websites which may help improve your journaling techniques. However, you must remember one thing that there is no wrong way to record your lifes story. Whether you use analog mediums, digital mediums, or a combination of both, your record-keeping is up to you, and it is the writer who must decide what works and what doesnt works with the clients.


JRNL is a free mobile app and website that makes keeping a personal record convenient and secure. The App is a well-designed and well-integrated interface that allows users to write as much text as they would like and want to include, and it also can upload photos to enrich individual entries. If you struggle to think of Something to write, then you must check out JRNLs All About Me section. This section offers a list of writing prompts and questions to help you get started. One of JRNLs best advantageous features is the ability to build a book and to get it printed. Users can write text up to 900 pages and full-color photos in an affordable, archival-quality hardcover book.

Day One Journal

Day One is one of the popular journaling apps. It also offers an easy-to-use interface to the user across the iPhone, iPad, and other iOS platforms. With a recent update done to the App, the Day One app allows the writer to add multiple photos, geolocate each entry, and see days fitness activity. You can even switch over to a beautiful photo view when you want to look at your lifes journey in a glance.

Pass It Down

Pass It Down is a new digital platform for storytelling that makes telling family stories easy by allowing users to access and build stories using audio, text, video, and photos. After the creation of an account, users can directly record a media-rich story. You can even invite your family members to help build stories collaboratively. After writing the story, publish it so that friends and family members can enjoy it. By using Pass It Down, you can also share your stories with social media.