Corona wedding: Creative Wedding Ideas

Creative Wedding Ideas

The couples have discovered ways to edit their celebration with a bit of creativity to get it both safe and sentimental. If you’ve selected to have your big day, notwithstanding the pandemic, get motivated by the creative Covid wedding concepts below!

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1. Host a Drive-In Movie Wedding

You may decide to have a drive-in movie-themed wedding instead (genius!). The intimate ceremony can on the big screen for all to see and live-streamed for remote guests. Their starlit vows were replaced by taco trucks and ice cream trucks, and there can even be a movie setting showing the couple’s favorite movie. It just goes to confirm that with a bit of imagination and seriously rose-colored glasses, you can have the wedding of your dreams—even amid this pandemic.

2. Have a Wedding Tailgate

One trend that’s come about through the pandemic is parking lot weddings. But we will love to take it a step considerably with a tailgate-style setup! Guests can park their cars and cluster together with their households as the newlyweds can walk through the rows to welcome everyone at a safe distance. There can be a car parade reception. Two of the favorite things—weddings and tailgates—become one.

3. Get Wedding Catering Delivered.

Of course, we love seeing how couples have pivoted their wedding plans during pandemics—but we also love viewing how inventive the wedding industry can get! A new food delivery company can be a response to the times. It can deliver formal wedding dinners straight to your door—and the gates of your guests! It’s a perfect complement to a virtual wedding viewing. It may offer picnic baskets for outdoor weddings. They can be asked to include bottles of wine or specialty cocktails with the delivery.

4. Match Attire with Custom Masks

Wear wedding face masks. But make it fashionable. This bride made custom masks to suit the wedding outfits that she designed. Make custom face masks for fellow invitees and couples.

5. Deck out your Deck

Many displaced corona-couples are tying the knot at home—and modifying areas of their backyards into stunning event spaces. Employ potted plants, dangling floral baskets, hung fabric, twinkle lights, and even picnic rugs or lounge fittings to create a meaningful “event space” at the house!

6. Socially-Distanced Seating Arrangements

Outdoor weddings are permitted in some states, but social distancing is, however, a best practice. Help your guests keep their personal space with strategic seating arrangements! Space the chairs in a delightful yet distanced configuration, or do not cluster seats together.

7. Sing Your Vows—Loud and Proud!

The two love birds can have an intimate elopement on top of a dune. Although due to Covid-19, they can sing out their love from the sand-dune-tops and make their micro I DOs extra meaningful.

8. Social-Distancing Wristbands

We always want to keep guests’ convenience in mind. Many couples are giving out social distancing wristbands at their reception. Guests communicate their comfort level by wearing a red, yellow, or green bracelet. Because even with all the safety guidelines in place, some guests will still feel compelled to hug one another. The wristbands serve guests to avoid any awkward hug-dodging spots.

9. Play Pre-Recorded Speeches

A just-the-two-of-you elopement is an incredibly intimate and fantastic way to hold a wedding—and your timeline! Couples can play pre-recorded speeches from best man and maid of honor and watched them together while sipping champagne. It would be a little hard to think of a more heartfelt wedding experience.

10. Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

The couples can turn a canceled wedding into a way of giving back. When the wedding reception gets canceled due to coronavirus, you may decide to donate all the catering to a local women’s and children’s shelter. And not only you may donate the food—you may also it there to your wedding invitees! The cause becomes great and memorable too.

11. Spread Love, Not Germs

If you’re having a micro-wedding, it’s necessary to lay out the guidelines and precautions on a “Spread Love, Not Germs” symbol and badge! It is a stylish yet friendly suggestion that will help put everyone in attendance safe and secure.

12. Take The New “Guest List Photo”

With virtual marriages and attendees, you may have a Zoom or Team photo. Couples can get a group shot with their entire guest list on the wedding day. You may have pictures with all their virtual guests!

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