How to Choose Breathing Theme for your Fabulous Wedding

When you are picking and filling your wedding palette, it’s surely not an easy task. Wedding theme is something that will define the feel and look of your wedding. Wedding theme is usually adjective to modern, vintage, rustic, colourful etc. We are providing you with few pointers to keep in mind while selecting your wedding hues.

1. Your Setting and priorities are your inspiration

Location is first thing to be considered. Venue selection should be done by considering color palette in mind, the way you choose colors for your perfect palette choose the venue by considering your priorities.

If you find the venue that you love but is not supporting your color theme then instead of going for another one which is costlier better try finding out some converted warehouse or lofts. They can be decorated and converted into your choice of theme.

Venue is definitely the biggest choice but other details are also equally important ; as in if you have a forever dreamt of having a wedding that is overflowing with white lilies. So, it’s important to look for what you want rather than getting lost with the ideas of decor.

2. Consider Season

The way you wear clothes keeping the season in mind, so should be the selection of your wedding theme. Think about the colors you will consider for that season you wedding is taking place in. Certain colors like fuchsia are for springs, likewise silver and blues are for winter, rose pink and light pastels for summers.


The idea is to bring out wedding suiting to all eyes by bringing out the texture. The color you choose will create a vibe for the day. Jewel tones, like ruby red, gold goes great with a concept of drama wedding and on the other hand lights pastels give a effect of relaxation . Whatever mood set you want to give first think in your mind what are the colors that will go alone with that.

3. Research For What You Love And Want

Magazines, other weddings and galleries are true inspirations when looking for something off the beat. Find out what are the colors and choices you prefer always. This can give you a great start to make the decision.

Consider the choices of people around you and even the things, like those left off lanterns that can just give you a brightening idea. Once you come up with something figure out its feasibility, cost etc. and if it’s going on fine with everything there you are – with and awesome wedding theme.

4. Do It Other Way Round

Many people go for a different way by first selecting their wedding attire and then they accordingly select the theme. The style of you dress can be a great guideline for your wedding theme.

A ball gown for a princess theme, bold red and gold for a typical traditional theme wedding. Make those lines and edges to meet your perfect style of wedding, it’s not about how stylish you come up rather how  beautiful wedding style you choose.

5. Don’t over think and overdo

A degree is not required from any college to choose that right theme for your special day. Keep in mind few basic pointers and be sure to stick to them. By sticking to it we mean not to get diverted to other colors and themes, definitely not that you start finding every small detail of your wedding according to it.

Not every single detail has to be in coordination to one another. Take it lightly by just sticking to basics. Don’t stress instead think about all the aspects like style, texture etc.

Choosing your wedding theme becomes easy by just considering your location, the vibes you want for your wedding, choices of you and your spouse and above all what you want and love.

We wish you luck, as this choice will turn out to be a lifetime memory.