Anniversary Ideas for Men

Anniversary Ideas

Gift buying is big business, you only have to look at Valentine’s Day to see just how much we love to buy gifts for our loved ones. Add Christmas and birthdays on to this, and it could seem like we spend most of our year buying gifts.

If you’re in a relationship then you’ll know there’s another day to celebrate each year; your anniversary. Obviously, buying for this can get harder with every year that passes, which is why we are giving you a few gifting ideas for that special man in your life for 2019.

Gift of Time

If your man enjoys to add stylish accessories to his outfits, but he’s always running late, then there’s only one thing for it – a fancy new timepiece, or a watch to give it its real name. Places like Henry London provide a wide range of watches in a variety of colours, from modern to ones that provide a pop of colour, to really set your man’s wrist apart from the rest.

Gift of Reading

Does your man like reading? If so, he’s a keeper. If he adores reading, chances are he likes to hold a real, physical book. However, this can get annoying when they have the lamp on all night while you’re trying to sleep. Well, why not get him a mini book light, which can be clipped to the top of the book. Perfect for night time and travelling, and he can use it forever.

Gift of Getaway

Maybe your husband or boyfriend is a bit of an adventurer and loves to explore. If this is the case, then there’s no question about it, you need to get him a secret getaway.Whether it’s a city break at a fast-paced place like Barcelona or Amsterdam, or if it’s somewhere where you can enjoy a weekend of skiing or hiking, he’s sure to fall in love with an extra layer of adventure to add to his year.

Gift of Activity

Sticking with adventures, if you can’t quite afford a holidaythere’s plenty of adventurers you can do at home. From sky diving or in-door skiing and snowboardingto outdoor adventure parks and even theme parks, the choices are endless, and they’ll provide you with a fun-filled activity for you to both enjoy, where you can make new memories.

Gift of Sentiment

If you’re still struggling, then go down the sentimental route. We don’t mean be super soppy, but a scrapbook outlining your relationship so far with your favourite pictures could go down a storm. Or if he loves film or music, get him his favourite vinyl framed or a poster of his favourite film framed. The choices here are pretty endless, but the important thing to remember is to opt for something that he loves, and turn it into something he sees all the time.

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