3 Simple Gifts Grandparents Will Love

Gifts Grandparents

The holiday season is once again upon us and while we may not be able to actually spend it in person with some of our loved ones this year, chances are that you still want to send them a gift. The multitudes of nieces, nephews, and other children on your list are usually pretty easy, especially if they’re into the latest craze or collectibles, but what about Grandma and Grandpa?

It should be obvious by now but Gramps most definitely doesn’t need another tie or bottle of cheap cologne and Granny may finally disown you if you give her another kitchen item. So, take some of the guesswork out of your shopping list this year and check out these three gifts that the grandparents are sure to love. Read now to find out the best gift for grandparents on the occasion of Christmas.

Something for Them Both

One thing holds true for most grandparents these days, they grew up playing a variety of board games. From Monopoly to Sorry! and oh-so-many in-between, games were a big part of most “Boomer’s” lives and that’s why the new trivia game ‘Boom Again’ could make the perfect gift for both Grandma and Grandpa.

Designed specifically as a “Boomer Culture” trivia game, they’ll have a blast remembering the past with questions spanning the ’50s, ’60s & ’70s. Covering everything they learned in school, movies and tv shows of the times, music, catchphrases, and even the slang they used as kids, ‘Boom Again’ is a gift they never knew they wanted.

A Great Gift for Grandma

There are at least two facts that probably describe the Granny on your list — 1) she’s almost perpetually cold 2) she loves snuggling and hugging her grandkids.

With the right gift, you can “kill two birds with one stone” as the saying goes. Coming in options large and small, virtually every color imaginable, and the perfect amount of comfort almost any time of the year, Grandma is certain to be thrilled with a nice soft blanket.

Whether you get a nice, old-fashioned wool blanket, one of the newer weighted options, or just a small beautiful one, she’ll be able to use this gift for years and years to come.

An Idea for Grandpa

He doesn’t need socks, he has two drawers full, and we already discussed the tie and cologne options. However, we do have a gift idea for him that he may have to fight for in order to keep for himself.

Much like Grandpa himself, this is an oldie-but-a-goodie gift that, if he is like countless other Grandpas out there, he is absolutely going to love. And he probably will be willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone that tries to steal even a little bit of it.

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