Why Tier on Tier Interior Shutters Are Always a Top-Seller

Why Tier on Tier Interior Shutters Are Always a Top-Seller

The beauty of bespoke shutters lies in the freedom to customise almost every aspect of the final design to suit your unique requirements. When it comes to the main categories of window shutters, the tier-on-tier configuration is a firm favourite.

With tier-on-tier shutters, the upper and lower panels can be operated independently of one another. Rather than being limited to opening or closing the entire shutter, adjustments can be made to one panel at a time.

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Ideal for any room of the home, tier-on-tier shutters can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials and finishes complementing all types of dcor. As for what it is that makes tier-on-tier such a popular choice for classical and contemporary homes alike, their appeal lies in a combination of the following:

Better Light Control

Tier-on-tier makes it easy to take total control over the absorption of natural light into your home. The panels of these plantation shutters can be adjusted independently to allow natural sunlight to flood into your interiors, or block the heat of the direct sun during the warmer summer months. They can also be fully closed to create a dark and cosy ambience – perfect for watching movies and relaxing in the early evening.

Enhanced Privacy

Being able to adjust the panels individually also boosts privacy, ensuring those outside cannot see into your home. The louvres can be adjusted to affect line of sight from outdoors, allowing you to maintain privacy while still flooding your interiors with natural light. Precise control over both the panels and the louvres also means enhanced ventilation control, keeping your interiors cool and fresh throughout the year.

Added Security

Fully closed tier-on-tier window shutters can boost home security, serving as an effective deterrent for would-be intruders. Anything that makes it more difficult for potential burglars to enter your home is likely to discourage them from attempting to do so. Window shutters not only serve as an effective physical barrier, but can also be manufactured with a wide variety of in-built security features for added protection.

A Flawless Fit

Bespoke tier-on-tier can be crafted from scratch to ensure a flawless fit with even the most unusual and awkward openings. They can create a bold and beautiful point of focus for the room in their own right, or blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. Whatever kind of look you have in mind, it is easy to achieve with custom tier-on-tier shutters.

Improved Aesthetics

Tier-on-tier shutters have the kind of universal aesthetic that goes beyond conventional window coverings. Making your home look more attractive inside and out, tier-on-tier has the potential to increase your homes market value. Even if you are not planning on selling your home in the foreseeable future, an investment in tier-on-tier shutters could pay for itself long-term.

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