What’s Trending in Designs for Commercial Carpets

Commercial Carpets

Carpet designs for contemporary commercial spaces have never been more exciting than they are now. Modern commercial carpet design is capable of both telling the story of a brand and creating a comfortable space where people want to go. This is true regardless of whether your commercial project is related to the hospitality industry, education, office environments, or the marine industry. To accommodate any and all commercial carpet design concepts, there is a plethora of design elements available, including colors, patterns, and textures.

Let’s take a look at some of the design elements that are used in the world of commercial carpet designs.

Colours in commercial carpet designs

The design of carpets is currently experiencing a trend toward multiple colors. These can range from color palettes that are vivid and daring to those that are cool and muted, like shades of blue and gray in general.

Make it loud, make it proud

The days when flooring served only as a plain background for the rest of a room are long gone. The art of creating stunning and audacious statements has made its way into commercial carpet design.

Make it blue

Blue, a color known for its calming properties, has made its way into the realm of popular choices for commercial carpeting, catering to customers who find the bold use of color to be too overwhelming. It spruces up the area with a splash of color without tying it down to a single aesthetic direction.

Make it look like a cool grey.

Then there’s the middle ground of grey. A cool, contemporary atmosphere can be created with the help of a grey carpet tiles in any shade, from light to dark. It is one of the new neutral colors that can be combined with almost any other color for a professional endeavor, making it extremely versatile.

The incorporation of repeating designs into carpeting

The use of contemporary patterns in carpeting for commercial spaces is currently one of the most prominent design trends. Let’s plunge right into these, shall we?

Geometric design gets bigger and bigger

As years of minimalist interiors give way to geometric patterns such as triangles, circles, rectangles, cubes, cylinders, and three-dimensional grids, geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular in commercial carpeting. This is especially true in the case of carpet tiles, which are now available in a wider variety of shapes than ever before, including squares, planks, and hexagons of varying sizes. This has spurred increased demand for these products.

Floral patterns in public and private spaces

In the same vein as carpets with geometric patterns, floral-patterned carpets are making a comeback. Interiors can be made to look highly decorative and have an air of new opulence by using patterns like paisley and bold florals that are based on traditional textile and wallpaper designs or on artwork from the past.

Different carpet tile patterns and configuration

Different carpet tile patterns ands

It is especially common for commercial projects to make use of carpet tiles and their arrangement to produce a variety of shapes and designs. Carpet tiles can be laid out in a variety of different configurations to produce a wide range of distinct looks. These tiles can be purchased in both square and plank forms. A variety of different sized objects, colors, and patterns, as well as collections, can denote quiet or activity zones, meeting points, and even encourage social distancing.

Biophilic designs

The trend of biophilic carpet designs, which bring elements of nature into indoor environments in order to reduce stress and increase productivity, is gaining popularity among commercial construction projects at an increasing rate. The designs of commercial carpets can now be seen imitating landscapes such as forests, deserts, oceans, foliage, rocks, and seasonal colors through the use of intricate details, random patterns, or rustic textures.

Create a contemporary work of art with a bespoke carpet design

In commercial settings, it is now possible to go beyond using corporate colors and company logos thanks to the availability of carpet with a custom design. It is possible for the design of a bespoke carpet to make reference to the products or values of a brand.

Textures in commercial carpet designs

Additionally, commercial carpet designs make excellent use of a variety of surface textures. For instance, plush and luxurious carpets are an essential component in the design of lavish interiors for establishments such as high-end hotels and restaurants, opulent bars, and even certain types of workplaces. Carpet with different textures can result in some very interesting patterns and designs. A sleek, clean, and contemporary appearance can be achieved with ribbed carpeting, which is another trend seen in commercial carpeting.

The final word

A growing trend toward more decorative interiors is being reflected in the designs of commercial carpets, which are placing an emphasis on jewel tones, luxurious textiles, and multiple pattern combinations. There are many different commercial carpet design possibilities that can be used to create stylish and inviting environments. These possibilities range from a plush carpet for a prestigious art gallery to a simple and economical tile for a casual retail space. There is also the possibility of a high-quality custom design that reflects the story of a specific project.