Welcome to 2020: Interior Colours that inspire

Interior designer

2020 will bring the freedom to use colours in any creative way possible. Interior experts across the world agree that the following year will be a year of experiments, daring colour choices and mixtures in many peoples’ homes. Have you noticed white room walls in many of your friends’ households?

Then prepare to see changes: they are soon to be dyed by bright, colourful shades reflecting personality and temper. In 2019, the colour of the year was Coral and before it, in 2018, Pantone Colour Institute announced the shade of Ultraviolet. Now, all the attention goes to 2020 – what shades will colour the IKEA chair coversand other our most beloved furniture? Let’s take a look!

Bringing nature inside

The modern lifestyle of working eight or even more hours per day in cramped, packed with people indoor offices,  coloured in white or other neutral shades make people long for outdoors. Also, the rising trend of the mindfulness and naturalism contributes to the desire to live an eco-friendly way of living and strengthen the connection to nature. The colour green is the symbol of it all – in the form of plants, paint, furniture, and various textile, varying from IKEA chair covers to cosy cushions and rugs.

Important here is to emphasize the dark shade of the colour. In 2020, the green is that of the colour of pine, of an early Autumn‘s grass, of a forest full of birches – it‘s an imperial, velvet soft dark green. For those preferring to play with different tones of green, the choices can be sage green and neo-mint. If you‘re a fan of Neo-Retro style, you‘ll love it!

Pink comes back in a flash

With the name of “millennial rose“, colour‘s traces from the 2016 and 2017 remain in 2019 as well as in 2020. Noticed by many, IKEA autumn/winter 2020 catalogue, including IKEA chair covers and other home accessories, is filled with pink tones and shades. Most probably, one of the reasons pink still holds the throne is its capabilities to soften and give elegance to every detail.

Keep your pinky things from the last two years at home! Even better, combine them with other following year‘s trends like green, dark yellow or dense blue. We assure, your home will resemble a well-matched masterpiece!

Discreet and warm yellow

Even though yellow does not conquer the catalogues of winter 2019/2020, it remains present, discreetly warming up the interior. Especially those of walleye, ochre and mustard tones. Choosing mustard yellow IKEA chair covers or sofa covers will match well with the 2020 trend. The colour can be very well combined with pink, grey or blue – put a yellow carpet near a grey sofa and the effect will be marvellous!

Imagine, boho look mustard yellow carpet, blue pillow on the bed, a golden yellow wall or table lamp and cashmere  IKEA cover – it‘s a combination of the winner bedroom 2020!

Forecast charts present blue

Even though blue was thought to be losing its momentum, there are signals (like blue IKEA chair covers in 2020 winter catalogue) that it‘s not leaving the trend‘s list in 2020. In fact, Canadian paint brand Behr has chosen blue as the colour of the year in 2019 while well known American brand PPG Paints announced blue Chinese porcelain as the colour of 2020. The porcelain stands out because of its orchid blue and purple hue paintings and they are said to give depth to every room.

More importantly, pale blue is associated with global warming, because it is the colour of the dead coral. Knowing the relevance of the topic across the world, it is highly possible for blue to become the symbol of awareness and a hurtful loss. Moreover, the Scandinavian interior holding the highest position in today‘s interior, blue is the dominant colour for sure.

Thinking about night blue shades on your IKEA chair covers? That might be a great idea! The colours that are little by little rising to the surface of 2020 remind about not being afraid to use different, personality expressing tones and shades in any room‘s design.

Forget the clean, white, often even sterile environment – use more creative ideas and create a cosy, warm and welcoming home. Minimalism driven by mindfulness and naturalism is not about dyeing everything in one or two colours, it‘s about a tasteful combination of many of them.