Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners: All You Need To Know

Reverse osmosis, water cleaning filter

When it comes to popularity, water filter vacuum cleaners, also known as water filtration vacuum cleaners, are becoming a major trend among homeowners. They are becoming serious competition to regular vacuum cleaners owing to their inherent features and advantages. In case you havenít heard about it and donít know its benefits, then this article will provide you with all the necessary details regarding water filtration vacuum cleaners. So, letís begin.

What are Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners and Difference with Traditional Vacuum Cleaners

In order to be fair, while there are few differences between traditional or conventional vacuum cleaners and water filtration vacuum cleaners, both perform the same job roughly. In essence, these items utilize air suction in order to suck up dirt right from the floor. However, the main difference is in their filtration system. In case of traditional vacuum cleaner, it sucks up the dirt and utilizes a filter(s) in order to take particles out of the air. Also, they can use dirt bins or bags to collect the debris until the user is ready to empty or throw it away, specifically in case of a disposable bag. However, the clean air, after filtration, is then propelled out of the vacuumís back.†

In case of water filtration vacuum cleaner, it utilizes water in spite of a manmade filter, in order to filter out dirt as well as debris. Simply putting, the dirt along with the dust is sucked up with the traditional air suction but in place of physical filter or a bag, everything gets filtered using water. Such vacuums have specialized water compartments which absorb the dirt being actually sucked up. As more amount of dirt gets sucked up, the actual water becomes quite dirty, which means the vacuum is working. A lot of people like water filtration vacuum cleaner as they tend to filter out all the debris better and the air which comes out of them is very clean, free of pathogens and free of debris too. 

Features of Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners

Water vacuums provide specific advantages over conventional models. They can handle wet messes, remove lots of bacteria as well as airborne pathogens and pump out clear and extra clean air. It does an excellent job when it comes to filtering out virtually anything out of the air that leads to better air quality in comparison to a regular vacuum. However, a traditional vacuum with better filtration or HEPA filtration vacuum cleaner, which is effective at removing allergens, is available in the market.


1. Water filtration vacuums can easily get rid of wet messes which make them quite versatile as well as convenient for a wide range of applications.

2. They do a great job at filtering the air, quite better than the conventional vacuums. 

3. In these vacuums, almost everything gets easily trapped within the water compartment that acts as a filter. It removes almost all of the debris, dust, dirt, bacteria and other pathogens from the air. It does a pretty great job when it comes to air filtration, especially due to the use of water pressure to eliminate bacteria, viruses and allergens.

4. They are quite energy efficient in comparison to conventional vacuums. It means a lower power bill.


1. Since water is heavy, hence these filtration vacuums are quite big as well as heavy. They require a large compartment for the water to store that automatically means that they are certainly quite bigger as well as heavier than the conventional ones. Even though the water does a fine job in terms of filtration, the entire size and weight differences are quite substantial. It certainly makes the water vacuums quite tiring to use and very hard to manoeuvre. 

2. The water in these vacuums gets quite dirty pretty quickly, and you need to replace the water whenever it gets dirty continually. This is different from a conventional vacuum cleaner where the filter only has to be cleaned every so often, or just a bag vacuum where you can simply put in a new bag after the old bag is full. 

3. Even though water vacuums are quite effective at their job, they are quite expensive in comparison to regular vacuums. 


There isnít an iota of doubt that water filtration vacuum cleaners perform a way better job when it comes down to cleaning the floors that traditional or conventional vacuums. Also, they do a great job at filtering out the air which they actually process quite well. Being said that, it is important to know that they arenít easily manoeuvrable and they certainly cost a lot more than the conventional vacuums. However, in case you have an additional amount of money to invest and wish to get clean air without pathogens, bacteria and viruses, you should certainly go with the water filtration vacuum cleaners.