Unique and Creative Ways of Decorating Your Bare Bedroom Walls

Decorated living room

Unless you intended for a minimalist bedroom, that pure-white wall might make your room look dull and in dire need of some excitement. You might like it now, but soon it will start to feel like it’s missing something.

Luckily, there’s an answer to that. If you feel like fixing up that white wall is a chore, you’d be happy to hear that even the simplest solutions can give it the nicest pop of personality. Let’s look at your bedroom wall options.

Starry sky

You can buy sets of black foil sheets and post them onto your bare walls for a black background. Then, for the night sky effect, you can buy strings of twinkle or fairy lights, or get creative with silver and gold paint splatters that gleam in the dark.

Wall upholstery

When installing wall fabrics by yourself, make sure your wall can support the weight of the fabric without it crinkling or shirring in time. Don’t nail or staple fabric directly. Instead, lay it over a wooden slat and a frame if you’re covering an entire wall.

Mural art

If you want an artistic mural covering your bedroom wall, you have two options. The more obvious path is to just go crazy and paint over the wall with a pre-determined design. Or you can paint in another medium first like a canvas or decal panels, and then install it afterward.

Vintage posters

If you’re a fan of famous icons and events from history, it’s a good idea to fill your wall with vintage posters and pin-ups. You can either buy framed posters from local galleries or find the design online through digital libraries and print one out yourself.

Patterned rug

To give your bedroom a more exotic look, you can hang textiles like drapes, patterned rugs, or embroidered Persian carpets. Since these tend to be heavy, you should opt for heavy-duty clips or a whole roll of tack strips, apart from your upholstery nails.

Wall of paintings

Most houses tend to have gallery walls in the living room or foyers, but having one on your bedroom’s bare wall is perfectly fine, too.

When choosing art, make sure your selection is consistent, either through the theme, color palette, or the painting style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match various frames and sizes.

Fairy lights

The fun thing about fairy lights is that it’s just a name, and you can use practically anything else – Christmas lights, string lights, LED light strips, netted twinkle lights, anything! Just make sure to use discreet wall hooks or thumbtacks instead of nails to avoid wall damage.

Modern sculptures

Contemporary sculptures onto your bedroom wall are the ultimate accent piece. However, they can be a hassle to install because of their bulky three-dimensional built that can be made of anything- metal, ceramic, or multimedia. It’s probably best to hire a home contractor to do the installation for you.

Functional furnishing
Let’s face it, the best solution to a bare wall is to mount something practical. A solid suggestion would be to install a fixed or recessed bookcase that covers the entire wall. A quicker solution would be to put up a floor-to-ceiling mirror to make the room seem bigger.

Shiny lacquer coat

If all else fails, what about just leaving it be and applying reflective, high-gloss lacquer instead.Its shine doesn’t only give your room a dash of glamour, but it can also help spreads light throughout the room. Some ideas may be more expensive than others, but with the right mindset and resourcefulness, you can make your bedroom walls come alive without breaking the bank.